ACADEMY • Mar 14, 2023

Check Out Our Newly Updated Online Henna Brow Course With Elijah

Mrs.Highbrow Online Cursus Henna Brows

We're so happy to officially introduce Elijah Cikot, our newest trainer & ambassador for Mrs.Highbrow! She's the trainer who will be helping us to show you some exciting new updates to our beloved online tutorial for Henna Brows - even more information and more about brow mapping!

- By Desi van Dijk

You may recognize Elijah Cikot, as she's a long time ambassador of Mrs.Highbrow and loves using our products during her treatments. What you may not know is that around the age of fifteen, Elijah really started becoming passionate about eyebrows, and she quickly noticed that in her hometown near Rotterdam there was actually a huge demand for brow treatments. She rightly decided to capitalize on this and opened her own salon: Brow Architecture

Her most booked treatment by far is Henna Brows and this is truly where she shines, henna brows are definitely Elijah's specialty. We are big fans of Elijah's work, so we asked her to be the perfect guide through all the steps of our Henna Brow process in the Henna Brows Online Course.

If you've already completed our Henna Brows Online Course don't worry, with every enrollment you gain unlimited access to the online platform. Even if you purchased the Henna Brow Online Course one or two years ago, you can view all of the new content now.

"For me, eyebrow styling is a form of art."

Measuring Is Knowing

Elijah is the definition of girl boss, and loves working towards her ambitious goals. In addition to creating the most gorgeous eyebrows, she studies architecture! You might think: that's quite different, isn't it? But Elijah actually sees the similarity: "Both involve a lot of measuring, and both architecture and eyebrow styling are real art for me."

We've come to Pro Tip #1: measuring out the brows is extremely important to create the most beautiful brows. Elijah shares her own secret for this, "Brow Mapping Thread is a must during my treatments. I use it before every treatment and for every client. I measure out some clients' brows in a little more detail than others, depending on their own eyebrow shape and their wishes."

Brow Mapping Mrs.Highbrow Dyotics henna

Here's what's new in our Henna Brows Online Course

1. New Tutorial

We've added some new video to the Henna Brows Online Course - Mrs.Highbrow trainer Elijah takes you through all the steps of the henna brows process, watching how the theory you learned in previous chapters looks in practice.

The tutorial covers the entire process step-by-step: from mixing the brow henna, to applying and removing it. Sit back, watch & learn!

2. Updated Brow Mapping Tips

You ask, we deliver. Since we regularly hear from our community that many specialists find brow mapping technique difficult, we expanded our section on brow mapping. You'll learn more about the lines you need to draw and in what order.

Brow mapping is truly an important part in the henna brow process, so our pre-colored white thread is a must and allows you to create even more precise henna brows. With mapping thread you stamp straight lines, within which you apply the henna, and then the white ink is easily removed from the skin afterwards. Some stylists prefer to use Contour Paste in addition to Mapping Thread, or just go for Contour Paste alone. The course will show you how to do this.

3. Brow Henna Color Theory

There are six different shades of Dyōtics by Mrs.Highbrow Brow Henna available, ranging from blonde to almost black. You might often wonder, which shade should you use and when? In this new chapter of theory, we'll show you all the points to consider like skin tone, undertone and brow color. Everything taught in this chapter will be even clearer with some practical examples!

Mrs.Highbrow Henna Brow Colors

4. Brow Henna Master Kit

You've probably already noticed that we recently updated our Brow Henna Master Kit, designed entirely in our new luxurious style. Now, when you order the Henna Brows Online Course + Starter Kit you'll receive our gorgeous new Brow Henna Master Kit for henna perfection. 

This kit contains everything you need to create stunning henna brows, and if you purchase the kit directly with the online course, you'll get a bundle discount. Even better? Purchasing kit & course together means that you can get started right away after taking the Online Course in Henna Brows. The Dyotics Brow Henna Master Kit includes the 6 colors of Dyōtics henna, Tint Remover, Skin Prep Lotion, Treatment Enhancer and a pipette and mixing bowl.

Mrs.Highbrow Henna Brow Master Kit

Don't waste any time and go order the Henna Brows Online Course for €209, and this will include a Master Kit worth €179, online course with unlimited access, as well as your own handwritten certificate of completion!