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What Price Can You Charge For Treatment?

Mrs.Highbrow Prices Treatments

We all know that setting a good price for every treatment that you offer is very important, as the rate determines your final turnover, so in turn, your profit. While it's a good idea to know what's common in your region, it's better to know what you're worth. Our team has surveyed the community as well as our own experience to give our suggested pricing structure.

By Desi van Dijk

Setting the right price for your treatments can be tricky. Whether you're just starting out or have been in the business for some time, it's important to get your prices right the first time - once your price is set, clients likely won't accept a substantial increase easily. Not only this, but you have to make sure you can cover all costs and still make a profit.

You're Worth It

When it comes to permanent makeup or skin-improving treatments, most specialists know what to charge for their treatments. However, we see that with smaller treatments in the areas of eyebrows, eyelashes and nails, specialists frequently sell themselves short, because they often think clients won't want to pay more for them. Always remember: your prices should not be based on clients' budgets, but on what a treatment is worth. If someone thinks a Lash Lift for €60 is too expensive, then it's obviously just not their priority.

When you're just starting out, you may be a little hesitant to charge the right price and feel uncomfortable, but keep in mind that with all the training you've taken and the experience you've gained, you should just get started with confidence. You can always start with an introductory discount if you're just starting out, but be sure to include the actual price of your treatments. This way, once you've gained more experience, simply stop the introductory discount and ask for the normal price.

If you go to the famous Anastasia Beverly Hills, you count on at least $60 for just shaping!

Shaping or Brow Tinting

If your client only wants her brows to be shaped or tinted, you'll spend roughly 15 to 20 minutes per treatment, so for both treatments, count 30 to 35 minutes total.

We polled our community via Instagram and this is what is asked on average for shaping and tinting:

  • In the Netherlands and Belgium, between € 20 and €30 is asked for just waxing or threading. Combined with tinting, more like € 35 to €40. Small salons charge for just shaping € 20 to € 25, whereas luxury salons in big cities can charge up to € 35 for just shaping.
    Our advice: don't sell yourself short, as many stylists may be. €20 for just shaping is really not a lot when you take into account that this will take you at least 20 minutes, no matter where you're working.

  • The poll on our instagram page @mrshighbrow shows that specialists in the UK charge around 30 pounds for a shaping plus tinting treatment, or €35, which is also fairly on the low side. If you went to London's famous Blink Brow Bar, you'd pay £57!

  • In the US, prices for shaping and tinting vary widely, from $15 for threading only, to between $40 and $80 for shaping and tinting. This really depends on which state you're based in and whether you offer the treatments from home or have a salon in the more expensive areas of a city. If you go to the famous Anastasia Beverly Hills, a client can count on as much as $60 or more for just shaping. A shaping treatment at Sania's Brow Bar in New York even comes with a $95 price tag!

When it comes to Henna Brows, many specialists tend to charge too little.

Henna Brows Pricing: Under The Magnifying Glass

We've seen that often when working with Brow Hennamany specialists ask for too little, either because they still have to learn, or because they misjudge the time they spend on it. But actually: henna brows are quite intensive, so the pricing should match! When you're starting out with a treatment, it takes a little longer, but an experienced eyebrow specialist takes as little as 35 to 45 minutes, including shaping and possibly brow mapping.

  • For a Henna Brow treatment including shaping, many salons in the Netherlands and Belgium charge between € 35 and € 50.

  • Through the poll on our Instagram page, we also saw that prices for Henna Brows in the UK usually come out at around £40.

  • In the US, prices for Henna Brows, including waxing or threading, quickly reach $50 to sometimes as much as $80.

Mrs.Highbrow Henna Brows Dyotics

In cities like New York and LA, a Lash Lift costs $100 to $120.

What Does a Lash Lift Cost?

Lash Lifting is also an intensive treatment and hugely popular. Because the treatment often takes at least 45 to 60 minutes (especially including tints), the price for a Lash Lift is higher than an average brow treatment. We found: 

  • In the Netherlands and Belgium stylists charge between € 50 and €85, including tints. We recommend charging at least €60-€65, considering the time and products it will cost you.

  • If we convert these prices to pounds, you come up with a price between 45 and 75 pounds, and this is also the average price indicated by our Instagram community.

  • In the US, an average price is $70 to $80 for a Lash Lift including eyelash tinting. But in cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Miami, it is not uncommon to find anywhere from $100 to as much as $120 on the price list!

The Right Price For Brow Lamination

Like the Lash Lift, a Brow Lamination treatment often takes at least 45 minutes. Again, you can choose whether or not to dye the brows during the treatment, and if you do dye the brows, you can charge €10 to €15 more. Based on the comments on our Instagram, these are common prices:

  • In the Netherlands and Belgium, the price of a Brow Lamination including dyeing comes out at €60 to €75.
  • In the UK specialists charge between 50 and 60 pounds, up to 80 pounds in large cities.

  • In the US, the price for Brow Lamination is often between 70 to 80 dollars. But here too, as with the Lash Lift, in luxury salons in big cities, it is not uncommon to find a price tag of $100 to $120.

Help! I don't have enough left over

At your bottom line, you may unfortunately not have much left over each month. This doesn't automatically mean you're offering treatments too cheaply, it could be that your costs are just too high. See where you can save money and look for ways to increase your sales, for example, by working an extra day, doing more promotions, renting out a chair/workplace, offering more luxurious treatments for which you can charge more, or by selling makeup (check out ho to make additional sales with makeup products!).

To determine your costs, copy & paste this list to make sure you're not missing anything: 

0 Rent or mortgage
0 Municipal taxes
0 Gas, water, electricity
0 Subscription Spotify and other apps
0 Staff
0 Internet, phone
0 Website subscriptions and maintenance
0 Subscription booking program
0 Insurance
0 Company clothing
0 Disposables such as cotton pads, cotton buds and tissues
0 Usable products such as paint and wax
0 Magazines in the waiting area
0 Courses
0 Canteen expenses such as coffee, tea and cookies
0 Toilet paper and cleaning products
0 Cleaner and window cleaner
0 Printed material such as flyers

So you see, it's really not crazy to increase the prices of your treatments every year, especially with high inflation and now high gas and energy costs, a 10% increase is quite acceptable! Everything gets more expensive, so why should you be left behind?

Especially with high inflation and now high energy costs, a 10% increase is quite acceptable

Mrs.Highbrow Master Kits

Affordable Kits, Short Break-in Times

To ensure a good margin, it's important to pay attention to the purchase price of your product as well as the leave-in times. Mrs.Highbrow's products all have a fairly short leave-in time, so you can spend less time on the treatment, and perform more in one day!

Dyōtics Brow Henna has a affordable Master Kit for € 179, which includes 6 shades of Brow Henna, Skin Prep Lotion, Tint Remover, Treatment Enhancer and a Henna Brush.

Or opt for the Brow Lamination Master Kit, containing all the essentials you need for a Brow Lamination treatment such as steps 1, 2 and 3, Adhesive, Lifting Tool and Spoolies & Applicators. You can order the Brow Lamination Kit online for € 105.

The Lash Elevation Kit is also competitively priced (€89) and contains everything you need to create gorgeous, wide-awake eyes. You can get up to 15 treatments from just one kit! Take a quick look online to see what tools are all included in this Lash Elevation Kit.