TINTING • Feb 28, 2021

Which Brow Dye For Whom?

Mrs.Highbrow Professional offers three types of eyebrow dye. And every dye has another application and effect. When do you choose for Dyotics, Bronsun or LashFX? Let us explain! 

Natural Look: LashFX

Does a customer want a natural look? In other words, does she think her eyebrows are too light and does she want them a shade darker? Then choose for LashFX, because it only dyes the hairs and will not last on the skin. We also recommend regular dye in combination with Brow Lamination, because you will get a more beautiful result if you avoid coloring the skin.

Wenkbrauwen verven LashFX Mrs.Highbrow Porfessional

How long does it last?
5-6 weeks on hairs.

How does it work?
Mix approx. 1 cm of dye with 4-5 drops of LashFX developer. Mix into a smooth paste. Apply with an angled brush or with a spoolie. If you use a brush, the dye will also colors the skin. This lasts until your clients next shower session. With a spoolie you can just color the hairs, if your customer wants that natural effect right away.

Application time
5-10 minutes; 15 minutes for a more intens result.  

LashFX brow dye wenkbrauwverf Mrs.Highbrow Professonal

Colors & price
LashFX is available in: Light Brow en Dark Brown voor €7,50 ex vat per tube for approx. 30 treatments. Black en Blue Black are especially developed for eyelashes. Or use Black to intensify the brown tints.  
Shop here LashFX.

Longlasting Henna Brows: Dyotics

For an intense look with tattoo effect, you choose for Dyotics Brow Henna. You can pick one of the six beautiful shades, so you can make the right choice for every customer. 

Dyotics Henna wenkbrauwen

How long does it last
5-14 days on the skin; 5-6 weeks on hairs.

How does it work?
Mix 1 scoop of henna powder with approx. 12 drops of warm to hot water. Use the pipette you'll find in the package. Mix well and let it stand for another 5 minutes, until the henna is developed into a beautiful brown tone. You apply Dyotics Brow Henna with an angled brush or henna brush. Don'f forget the area underneath the hairs; all skin must be covered.

Application time
15-20 minutes. Remove the onset after 5-7 minutes.

Colors & price
Dyotics Brow Henna is available in Honey, Taupe, Hazelnut, Natural Brown, Ash Brown and Raven. Price per jar: €19,95 ex vat for approx. 40 treatments
Shop here Dyotics Brow Henna.

Henna Effect In A Tube: Bronsun

Does your customer want the tattoo effect for a maximum of 7 days? Bronsun is the first eyebrow gel/cream with henna effect. Just as beautiful as henna eyebrows, but easier to prepare with the corresponding developer and easier to apply. Note: you always need to perform an allergy test when a customer gets Bronsun brows for the first time.

Bronsun brow dye wenkbrauwverf mrs.Highbrow professional

How long does it last?
Up to 7 days on skin, and 7 weeks on hairs.  

How does it work?
Mix 0.5 cm of Bronsun dye with the same amount of Bronsun developer. Note: it only works with Bronsun developer; you cannot combine the dye with any other brand. Apply with an angled brush or a henna brush. Also dye underneath the hairs. All skin must be covered. As with brow henna, you can choose to outline the brows first with Mapping Thread or Brow Paste.

Application time
Approx. 15 minutes. Remove the onset after 5 minutes. 

Bronsun wenkbrauwverf brow dye

Colors & price
At this moment Bronsun is available in Light Brown, Brown en Dark Brown. More colors are on the way! Price per kit €16,50 ex vat for ca. 20 treatments. On the box is stated that one tube is enough for 12 treatments. But if you don't use too much you can treat at least 20 pairs of eyebrows with one tube. 
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