WAXING • Jan 24, 2022

The Benefits Of Wunderwax

Mrs.Highbrow's stylist favorite golden wax beads not only look beautifully striking in your salon, but also remove practically every hair! What else is so special about these magical golden Wunderwax pearls and how do you best use it? Keep reading.

- By Desi van Dijk

1. Supermild

Mrs.Highbrow Wunderwax is best known for being gentle on the skin, but tough on the hair. The wax is a hot film wax, which you apply with a spatula after the wax beads have melted in a wax heater, and applied to the skin. The wax solidifies and the hair gets trapped in the wax, so as soon as you remove this film layer from the skin, the hair goes with the wax! Wunderwax is a stylist favorite to use because it only sticks to the hair and not the skin, making the wax super gentle, and skin irritation rare.

2. Takes All The Hairs

Another major advantage of Wunderwax is that it covers practically all hair, even the smallest downy hairs stay in the wax as it solidifies, so that as soon as you pull the wax from the skin, the hairs will be taken from the root. Some clients have flatter downy hairs, which lie closer on the skin, which can make them a little more difficult to remove. For these, apply some talcum powder to the skin to make the hairs stiffer, making the wax adhere even better to these tricky hairs.

3. Wax For The Whole Body

A third benefit is that Wunderwax is truly suitable for the entire body, whether it's brows, armpits or legs! The wax beads are made from a polymer basis, making the wax very elastic and easy to apply all over the skin. Once you remove the wax from the skin, the wax does not break (provided you do not apply too thin a layer) and no residue is left behind! Team tip: use the small spatula for around the brows and the medium and large spatulas for the rest of the face and body.

Temperature Tips

To ensure that the wax works well, but you don't hurt your client with wax that is too hot, it's important to get the wax at the right temperature. If the wax is too hot, it will run off the spatula, and if the wax not hot enough, then the wax is too thick and will not work well. For the Mrs.Highbrow wax heater it's important that you set the pot to '5 past 12' and be sure that the inner pot is not too full, try a max of about 5 cm of wax. The great thing about the Wunderwax is that you can simply replenish the wax heater with wax pearls each time you need them! At the end of your working day, just turn the heater off and put the lid on, and the next day you can simply continue and refill the jar with fresh beads if necessary.

The Right consistency

It's important that you apply the wax everywhere on the skin in the right thickness. If you apply too thin a layer, the wax can break off when you remove it from the skin. Another team tip: make sure that you do not spread the wax too thinly at the end, but that you keep a kind of dot that can serve as a lip to make it easier to remove the wax.

Clean Skin: Extremely Important

It is important to clean the skin thoroughly before waxing to degrease the skin and allow the wax to take hold better. A great product for this is the Get Set Pre Epilation Gel, which cleanses the skin gently but thoroughly. After waxing you can apply Cool Down After Epilation Gel, our own cooling gel with menthol that gives both a fresh and tingling feeling and counteracts redness and inflamed hair follicles.

Course Waxing & Tinting

In the Brow Stylist Online Course we tell you even more about the wax, and you'll be taught step by step how to depilate with these golden pearls! You will also learn best practices on how to dye brows. The online course costs €199, including a starter kit worth € 169 and a handwritten certificate!