Lifting Balm
Lifting Balm

Lifting Balm

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Lifting Balm is the latest & greatest development in lash lifting. Featuring a unique formula that doesn't dry completely so you can still easily make adjustments, it's the perfect alternative to Lifting Glue, especially for somewhat finer lashes. Lifting Balm is enriched with vitamins and oils for healthy lashes.

  • For professional use.
  • 0,53 oz.
  • Vegan & cruelty free
Ingredients: Aqua, Cocoyl Glutamic Acid, Laureth-21, VP/VA Copolymer, Steareth-2, Oleth-2, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Hellanthus Annuus, Argan Oil, PVP, Vitamin B5, 2-Phenoxyehtol

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Wimpers laten los

Bij het aanbrengen gaat het heel goed maar wanneer stap 1 erop zit laten ze los. Ik heb het ook de 2e x met de lijm gedaan maar dat ging ook niet goed. Ik ging ervan uit dat de balm de lijm zou vervangen, nu gebruik ik de lijm alleen weer. Ik heb het ook gedaan volgens de blog die is gedeeld en lieten de wimpers ook los

tessa Haas
I’m practicing

To connect the lashes to the shields it works perfectly! But even with the adhesive on the end of the lashes, the lashes gets loose from the shields when I remove the lotions.

Lifting balm

Formidable produit.. c'est facil a manipuler les poils comme on veut.. et encore mieux que la colle. parce que les produit s'absorbe mieux avec le lifting balm.. aloooors bien mérité 5⭐️

Lash Lifting Adhesive, but in the form of a balm! This means it's super mild on delicate lashes yet strong enough to attach the lashes to the Lash Lift shields. An important feature of Mrs.Highbrow Lifting Balm is that it does not dry completely, so you can still easily make adjustments during the treatment as needed. This unique formula is very easily spreadable, making it a piece of cake to use! You also don't have to remove glue from the shields after the treatment, making your treatment go faster and thus taking less time (= more sales in a day!).

The Benefits of Mrs.Highbrow Lifting Balm

  • Does not dry completely so you can still make adjustments
  • Placing lashes on the shields goes much faster
  • Rich in vitamins and nutrients
  • Does not form a 'film' over the lashes allowing creams to penetrate better
  • Easier to remove than Adhesive

How To Use Mrs.Highbrow Lifting Balm

Apply a generous amount of Lifting Balm to the Lash Lift shields with a microbrush or Silcone Lamination Tool. The line of balm should not be too wide, so that the tips of the lashes are free of product and the balm reaches 50-75% of the lashes. Lifting is still done the same way as with the Adhesive, i.e. with upward movements, using the Lash Lift Comb or newest Lash Elevation Brush. After applying the lashes one by one against the shields, you can apply the lifting creams step by step.

Tip: for extra long or stiff lashes, it is best to use Adhesive as it's a little stronger than the Lifting Balm, so you can be sure that the lashes will not detach during lifting.

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