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Pro Powder Brow Pencil

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Pro Powder Brow Pencil is a unique, high quality pencil for perfect eyebrows with an ombre effect. The eyebrow pencil is firm but powdery.

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Beste wenkbrauwpotloot

Een zacht potloot die daardoor een mooie natuurlijke look geeft. Ik heb nog geen beter wenkbrauwpotlood gevonden!

Kelly Ballering
Nice product but high extra costs

Pencil is very nice but € 10 extra costs is very high

Hi Kelly, thanks for taking the time to review the brow pencil! Glad you like it! As we are a b2b webshop, prices are ex vat, but tax will be charged at check-out. In the end you pay the same amount for the make-up as in salons. On top of that we charge shipping costs.

Handige brow pencil

Ik bestel altijd MRS highbrow brow pencils.
Goede kwaliteit en duurzaam. Deze pencil maakt je werk makkelijker.

Specially developed for Mrs.Highbrow

Mrs.Highbrow's Pro Powder Brow Pencil is a high quality eyebrow pencil. Having researched the needs of women and eyebrow specialists, this pencil has been specially developed by Mrs.Highbrow. A product that is easy to use and gives a beautiful, powdery effect. You can work perfectly from light to dark, for the beautiful - now so popular - embracing effect.

5 advantages of the Pro Powder Brow Pencil

1. Gives off a lot of pigment
2. Has a powdery effect for soft but tight brows
3. Has a dry, and certainly no oily tip, for the best shape
4. To create beautiful ombre brows (from light to dark)
5. Available in three beautiful shades

From Blond to Dark Brown

Blonde: perfect, soft blonde. Certainly not too grey.
Soft Brown: beautiful soft brown. Not too warm, but also not too cool.
Dark Brown: beautiful cool brown. The thicker you apply, the darker the effect. If you apply it lighter, this pencil is also very suitable for lighter types. The colour is similar to the Medium Brown shade, which is now out of the range. So don't be fooled by the name: it will be as dark as you want it to be.