• Aug 10, 2022

The 10 Most Frequently Asked Henna Brow Questions

mrs.highbrow Dyotics Henna Brows brow

Applying Dyōtics Brow Henna is an art in itself, and with this, comes questions. Why does the color sometimes fade so quickly? What are the white balls in the powder? How do you determine the right color for your client? We've collected the 10 most frequently asked questions for you, complete with a detailed answer, so keep reading!

- By Desi van Dijk

1. What is the best application time for Dyōtics Brow Henna?

We recommend allowing Dyōtics Brow Henna to soak in on the brows for 15 to 20 minutes, allowing the henna to properly adhere to the skin and brows during this time. As they say: good things take time! And it takes a little time for your henna mixture to fully develop into a beautiful shade of brown. If you were to remove the brow henna from the skin too soon, you may see a greenish-yellow glow, which is the natural color of the henna. 

The exception to this rule is light brows: for very light eyebrows with hair that is almost white, an application time of no more than 10 minutes is enough! Light hairs absorb the henna like a sponge, which could quickly give you a result that is too dark if left for too long, even if you use the lightest color, Honey

Another factor that determines application time is the skin and hair structure of the client. The lighter the hair, the faster the color will absorb and the more intense the effect will be! As a rule of thumb, try to always play it safe and be careful with the application times, especially in the beginning. It's usually better to go a little too light at first than just too dark!

2. How do I determine the right color?

To determine the right color, you should always start by listening to the wishes of the client. You should also take into account skin type, hair color and natural eyebrow color, so you can see what color is most suitable!

Below you'll find the color chart that can help you determine the right shade of brow henna. If it's your client's first time trying henna brows, we recommend that you always choose a shade that is not too dark, so that they can slowly get used to a more pronounced brow!

Mrs.Highbrow Dyotics Henna Brow Brows chart

3. Can you use henna on pregnant women?

We don't recommend using henna on pregnant women. It hasn't been proven that henna is harmful to the baby, but as with regular hair dye, it is not recommended during pregnancy. Due to the hormonal balance changes that happen in a woman's body during pregnancy, the skin may be more sensitive than usual or an allergy may occur. During pregnancy, an allergic reaction would be extra annoying! After the pregnancy, be sure that you perform another patch test on the client to see if she has developed any new allergies.

4. What are the little white balls in the powder?

The little white balls that you may see in the powder are the gum that help the henna bind well with water. If you mixed the henna with water and left it to stand for 5-10 minutes, they will dissolve on their own. If there are still some white balls that have not dissolved, you can grind them with a microbrush. But don't worry: these white balls have no effect on the result! 

5. Can my Brow Henna go "bad"?

After you've opened the jar, the henna can be kept for 6 months. If you use the henna more than six months after opening, you may see that the effect is less intense than you might expect and the results will not be visible for as long. The henna powder in the jar will become darker and darker after opening, as the powder oxidizes and oxygen is added. However: this has no effect on the result, the henna will not turn out darker on the skin!

6. Does Brow Henna work on oily skin?

If your client's skin is really oily, we don't advise using brow henna, because it simply will not work well on the skin and the result could be disappointing. You could also advise your client to go for regular eyebrow tint and only apply it on the hairs. Make sure you inform her that the effect on the skin will be less intense, so at least you've informed the client in advance!

7. Why does the imprint sometimes fade so quickly from the skin?

You can assume that the color will stay on the skin for 5 to 10 days, provided that your client takes good care of her eyebrows and follows your aftercare instructions! However, there may be other reasons why the color fades quickly:

  • The skin was still damp from the Skin Prep Lotion when you applied the henna

  • The skin was not properly cleaned: always make sure no grease or makeup residue remains

  • You applied the henna too thinly - the skin under the brows should be completely covered

  • You didn't go under the eyebrows well enough with your brush

  • You didn't press and stamp the henna properly into the skin

  • The client has aery oily skin

  • You allowed the henna to soak into the brows for too short a time

  • The client has such dense brows that it is difficult to cover all the skin under the brows with henna

  • The client wet and/or cleaned her brows within 12 hours of the treatment

  • You applied too light a shade to dark skin

  • The client has almost no eyebrows of their own. Brow Henna only picks up on skin where there is some hair.

8. Can you mix the Dyōtics Colors with each other?

Yes, you can mix all of the colors of Dyōtics. Try adding some Raven to make a color darker and ashier, or use Hazelnut to make a color warmer. If you find Taupe just a bit too light and Natural Brown a bit too dark, try mixing these two shades! In the Color Chart shared earlier in this blog, you can see the colors that are most often mixed together.

9. How can I create a warmer tone?

Our Dyōtics brow henna consists of five cooler colors and one warmer shade: Hazelnut, so we recommend using the color Hazelnut to make other shades warmer. For example, a warmer tone can look great on clients with a red glow in their hair, reddish-brown eyebrows or light skin with freckles!

10. What do I mix the henna with?

You should mix the Dyōtics henna with warm-to-hot tap water: mix 1 scoop of henna with 12-15 drops of water. In each box, you'll receive a scoop and a pipette to create the correct ratio, every time.

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