When A Lash Lift Fails

The Lash Lift is really a treatment for professionals, as you really have to know what you are doing for it to work well. But even the most experienced Lash Lift specialist sometimes has disappointing results and experiences one of the 5 most common lash lift fails. So we're sharing the solutions!

1. Lashes Come Off The Shields

Sometimes eyelash hairs come loose from the lash lift shields after you have applied cream 1 or 2 for a number of reasons, like not enough adhesive was used or there are some shorter or stiffer hairs that easily come loose from the lash lift rods. To counteract this, you can use tape and we recently added special Lash Tape to our collection to solve this problem! 

How Do You Use The Lash Tape?

  1. Apply the lash lift shield in the correct way as you are used to, as close to the lash line as possible. Curious about our new Lash Lift Shields? Then read this article!

  2. Apply Lash Elevation Lifting Cream 1 to the lashes, followed by a strip of tape horizontally at the bottom of the lashes. After the exposure time has elapsed, remove the tape and remove the cream.

  3. After applying Lash Lift Setting Cream 2 , do the same as the previous step, again. 

  4. After step 2 you have the option to dye the eyelashes, and remember, you don't need to use tape anymore when dying the lashes! In the tinting process it is not necessary that the eyelashes are attached to the lash lift shield.

Mrs.Highbrow Lash Tape €3.95.

2. Eyelashes Overcurled

If the lashes are too curled, you can repeat the Lash Lift treatment one more time with the products from Mrs.Highbrow, except be sure to use a larger size Lash Lift Shield.

Note: if you are repeating the process, the exposure time per lotion should only be 2 to 3 minutes. Since the eyelashes have already been treated, don't use the original processing times!

Because the lotions lighten up the lashes, the color will disappear from the lashes if you have tinted them, so make sure you re-dye the eyelashes with a product like Lash FX Black .

3. Not Curly Enough

Are the eyelashes not curled enough? Then you can repeat the Lash Lift treatment with our Lash Elevation products using a smaller Lash Lift Shield instead of a larger one. This time, the exposure time per lotion should only be 2 to 3 minutes, and this applies to dyed eyelashes as well: you also have to tint these again if you did that during the previous treatment.

Lash Lift

4. Eyelashes Are Too Messy

Do the eyelashes look very messy after a Lash Lift? You probably didn't attach the lashes neatly enough to the shields, and then it's best to 'relax' the eyelashes. To relax the lashes, repeat the Lash Lift treatment briefly, but without the shields - so that the curl comes out.

  1. Apply a generous amount of Lifting Cream Step 1 to lashes with a micro brush.

  2. Move the brush from root to tip and repeat until the lashes are straight.

  3. Remove Lifting Cream 1 and repeat the above steps with Setting Cream 2 .

  4. Clean the lashes well and apply Conditioning Oil 3. Let the nourishing oil act for 3 minutes and remove with a damp cotton pad.

  5. Allow the lashes to rest for 4 to 6 weeks before performing another Lash Lift treatment.

5. Lashes Are Unevenly Curled

It is possible that some hairs curl less well than others after a Lash Lift treatment, for example, the side of the lashes are still forward and the middle ones contain a lot of curl. Often this is caused by too little product applied to certain hairs. You can perform the Lash Lift treatment on these hairs again, but make sure to be precise and only treat the lashes that are not curled properly.

Use the same size shield as you did for the first treatment, and you will see that the lashes that are curved well fall into the shape of the shield. Tip : stick a piece of Lash Tape over these lashes to distinguish them from the others. Repeat the steps for the lashes that are curled unevenly. Note: do not use the full processing time because the lashes have already been treated, often 3 minutes is enough because the lashes have already picked up some product from the first treatment.

My Lash Lift Doesn't Pick Up Like I'm Used To

Do you normally create dazzling Lash Lifts but didn't get it right this time? That can be for several reasons, so don't panic right away. It may not have to be directly due to you, but it can also be due to certain actions or characteristics of the customer. In any case, offer a reasonable solution if the customer is not satisfied with his or her Lash Lift. What could be the reasons why a Lash Lift does not work the way you are used to? Here are the 5 most common causes of mistakes:

  • Your Lash Lift products have expired: the Lash Lift products from Mrs.Highbrow have a shelf life of 4 months after opening.

  • The Lash Lift is repeated too fast after the previous Lash Lift. Make sure a client waits at least 6 weeks before repeating the Lash Lift treatment!

  • The customer's eyelashes are too oily or not properly cleaned.

  • The processing times you used were too short.
  • You didn't complete each step properly before starting the next step, and this keeps the product from working as it should. 

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