How to Keep Your Customers in the Summer.

Hoe houd je voldoende klanten zomer mrs.highbrow

Summer is almost here! How do you keep your sales up while many customers are on vacation? And how do you make sure they come back after your own vacation? Let's get into it.

- By Desi van Dijk

1. Plan Your Own Vacation Well

Perhaps you are bound by children or your partner to the summer vacations when it comes to taking your vacation. If you work with a team, it's easier to accommodate clients, but if you work for yourself, this requires good planning. You can make it much easier on yourself by determining well in advance when you will be off or going on vacation, allowing you to play with your clients' time when you schedule a follow-up appointment.

Do you normally have a client come back after 5 weeks? With this advanced notice, you can give them the choice that they can come back after, say, 4 weeks or even after 7 weeks. Plain and simple, if you communicate this clearly and on time to your clients, they understand.

2. Do-It-Yourself Tips

Give your client the tools and tips she needs to take care of her eyebrows in the time you are away. Show her how to best fill in her brows, for example, with the Powder Brow Pencil or Micro Liner, which you have on hand in the Mrs. Highbrow Counter Make-Up Display.

If you make sure your customer has the right tools, it's a win-win: she can go a little bit longer without you than she is used to, and you prevent her from going to a competitor in your absence!
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Making sure your customer has the right tools will prevent them from going to a competitor during your vacation.

3. Promote Real Summer Treatments

It's very important to respond to the needs of your customers, and you can do this through your social media channels or through your newsletter. Just before the summer, you can emphasize the convenience of a Lash Lift during the summer vacations. And after the summer vacations, you might want to focus on a tried & true after summer look. And never fail, promotions work! Try combining a Lash Lift and a Brow Lamination as a combination deal. Remember, once they've experienced these great treatments with you, they never want anything else.

4. Schedule Follow-up Appointments

A follow-up appointment is a surefire guarantee that your client will come back. But how can you book this without coming across as too pushy? Once you have done the brows or lashes of your client and they come to checkout at your desk, ask them to schedule a follow-up appointment, and already advise the client when it's best to repeat a treatment for best results.

For example, with Henna Brows you may recommend 5 to 6 weeks and after a shaping treatment of the brows you may recommend 4 to 6 weeks. By advising, you come across as professional and you immediately have a follow-up appointment booked! This is perfect for you to know what your schedule will look like in the near future, but also for your client. Think of this when you consider that dentists always immediately ask you to schedule your follow-up appointment for six months from now.

5. Automatic Email

If you don't succeed in scheduling a follow-up appointment right away, you can also use a software tool that automatically sends emails, for example, you can send an automatic email four weeks after the appointment to schedule another appointment. Your customers will then receive an email in their inbox which will bring them directly to your booking site and enable them to make an appointment very easily.

6. The Best Service

Last but not least! Actually, the key is really just providing the best service. A good experience in your salon will keep customers coming back, and it's best to simply give your clients reasons to return. The most beautiful eyebrows or lashes are a must, but your hospitality, offering a cup of coffee or tea and a cozy atmosphere is also very important to stand out from all your competitors. The most important factor is to distinguish yourself and show that you are the expert in your field. Make sure that your knowledge is up to date by following courses and that you can deliver the quality that you would like to, every time.

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