LASH LIFT • Dec 14, 2021

A Stunning Glance

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The eyes are typically the feature that people notice first, so it's no surprise there are plenty of treatments to beautify our eyes. Can you name the top 5 treatments for a smashing eye look and do you already offer all of them?

- By Desi van Dijk

1. Natural Lashes with Lash Elevation

A Lash Lift is the first thing we at Mrs. Highbrow think of when a client wants to go for a more beautiful but natural look. As a beauty boss, you're likely already familiar with the Lash Lift. But what benefits can you communicate to your client? With a Lash Lift, the natural lashes are lifted and curled, which makes lashes look longer and the curl also gives them a more open look. The result remains visible for up to 8 weeks and the lashes require almost no further care! That's why the Lash Lift is very popular and a must-have for years to come. To make the treatment even more attractive for your salon, Mrs.Highbrow Lash Elevation has an even shorter application time (5 to 8 minutes per lotion) than others! So that a treatment lasts a maximum of 45 minutes. You know what this means: more clients means more sales!
Incidentally, you can ask between €50 and €75 for a treatment. Beauty bosses like yourself have rated Lash Elevation 5 stars. Would you like to try out Lash Elevation? Click through to the Kit!

The Lash Elevation Starter Kit contains Adhesive, Lifting Cream (step 1), Setting Cream (step 2) and Condition Cream (step 3). Plus 3 Lifting Tools and 5 different sizes of Lifting Rods. Price: €89.

2. Even More with Lash Extensions

A counterpart to the Lash Lift are Lash Extensions. Clients sometimes confuse the treatments with each other, but as we know, lash extensions are definitely different. Does a client want a more noticeable effect? Then lash extensions might be the best choice for this client. With lash extensions you can create an even fuller and longer effect than with a Lash Lift. However, the treatment takes longer, about one and a half to two hours, while you can ask between €75 and €100 for a new set. On balance, you will therefore have less turnover than with a lash lift treatment.

Long lashes

3. Infralash

Are you a PMU specialist? If so, you're probably familiar with the Infralash treatment. This is a line put between the lashes, giving the effect of a fuller lash line to create a striking look with more expression. However, to offer this treatment you must have followed a special training as PMU specialist. This treatment has a big advantage for the customer: since it's permanent makeup, it's visible for several years. The big advantage for you? You can also ask a relatively higher price!


4. Foxy Eyes

Celebrities are very enthusiastic about this treatment in

particular: the Cat Eye Lift. Using wire, the sides of the eyebrows are lifted, creating a tight look, and during the treatment small, soluble threads are inserted next to the eyebrows to pull the skin upwards. To keep this effect even longer, the treatment is often combined with Botox against crow's feet. Clients will often see a big difference with this treatment. Judge the look for yourself with a very famous example, Bella Hadid. However, this treatment doesn't have to be so drastic! As a brow specialist you can also create this effect by raising the ends of the eyebrows for a more natural brow lift.

Bella hadid foxy eyes

5. Let It Grow

The longer your natural eyelashes, the more effective all treatments are - with the exception of eyelash extensions. This makes an eyelash serum the ideal product for home use. While there are a number of great lash serums, the one that we at Mrs.Highbrow really like is the lash serum by RevitaLash, because it really makes lashes visibly longer! An eyelash serum is also perfect to offer in your salon to boost your sales in addition to your treatments.
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