5 Reasons To Offer Eyebrow Makeup

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As a beauty specialist, you naturally want to provide the absolute best for your customers, and that undeniably includes eyebrow makeup! It's not just a treat for your clients, but also a boost for your sales. Numerous reasons to kickstart your journey as a reseller of brow makeup, in a nutshell.

Start offering brow makeup and easily increase your daily sales.

By combining services and related products you will get more loyal customers. They will keep coming back to you for their favo products.

Becoming a reseller of Mrs.Highbrow eyebrow makeup is super easy and a minimal investment.

1. Extra Service For Your Customers

  • Convenience: By offering eyebrow makeup, your clients don't have to make an extra trip to another store; they can buy their beloved eyebrow makeup directly in the salon.

  • Professional Advice: As an experienced (eyebrow) specialist, you provide valuable tips and demonstrate how they can apply the makeup themselves at home.

  • Confidence: Clients leave the salon feeling confident, knowing they have the perfect pencil or this best Brow Fix to complete their look.

2. More Sales With Eyebrow Makeup

  • More Sales: An additional service means more sales per customer. This is how you effortlessly increase your daily profits.

  • Distinctiveness: Outshine the competition with this unique service and attract more customers.

  • Customer Relationships: Create long-term relationships with your customers by offering them associated products in addition to your services. Trust us: once a customer is hooked on the Pro Powder Pencil, she never wants anything else and will keep coming back.

3. Eyebrow Makeup Is A Rising Trend

  • Trend Alert: Eyebrow makeup is in huge demand and demand continues to grow. By embracing this trend, you affirm your salon as a forerunner in the beauty industry.

  • Quality: By offering high-quality eyebrow makeup, you reinforce your salon's image as an expert.

  • Expertise: Show that you are the expert on eyebrows and attract more clients.

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4. Ride Along On The Success Of Mrs.Highbrow

  • Strong Brand: Associate with Mrs.Highbrow, a trusted brand that has built a strong reputation in the beauty industry, and radiate reliability to your customers.

  • Efficient Marketing: Use Mrs.Highbrow's professional marketing materials to promote your salon, save work and present your services at a professional level.

  • Free Promotion: Get listed on the partner page of this website and get new clients. Give your salon a high-brow makeover with Mrs.Highbrow!

5. It's Only a Small Investment

Jumping into the Mrs.Highbrow family is a piece of cake. We don't demand hefty starting orders, making it a breeze for salons of all sizes to join the eyebrow makeup trend. With just a modest investment, you'll be skipping your way to striking profits in a jiffy.

How it works.

  1. Click the button down below, and dash off an email with the subject: "Makeupreseller" – don't forget to mention your salon name.
  2. Expect our mesmerizing makeup catalog and price list in your inbox within just 1 business day.
  3. Shoot us your first order via email.
  4. Once the invoice is paid, your initial order will be zooming your way in no time.
  5. Kickstart your sales with our dazzling, top-notch makeup.
  6. Out of stock? No sweat! With your exclusive code, replenishing your inventory is a cinch through our website.

What are you waiting for? Become an official Mrs.Highbrow reseller today.