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Everything You Need to Know About Airbrush Brows


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It can't have escaped your notice! Airbrush Brows have been dominating Instagram for several weeks now and they have completely taken the beauty world by storm. Are you also so curious about Airbrush Brows and want to know all about them? Then be sure to read on!

You probably noticed it too: for a few weeks now, Airbrush Brows have been dominating Instagram! It's certainly not new, but suddenly numerous brow stylists have picked up this trend, and the results of these Airbrush Brows are amazing.

Airbrush Brows allow you to precisely and gradually build the perfect color, giving you complete control over the intensity. Whether you're going for a subtle and natural look or a more bold and dramatic style, Airbrush Brows allows you to satisfy all your brow desires.

As a trendsetter in the brow world, Mrs.Highbrow picked up on this technique right away. But before we talk more about this, the main reasons for offering Airbrush Brows.

4 Reasons To Start Offering Airbrush Brows

But first, the key question: why start offering Airbrush Brows?

1. Surprising Treatment
As a brow specialist it is important and fun to constantly be innovative and challenge yourself. This can be done by refining existing techniques or offering new treatments. Airbrush Brows literally offer that breath of fresh air, and it's great fun to do. And clients also love trying new treatments. Certainly Airbrush Brows really has something magical about it.

2. A Beautiful Ombre Effect
With Airbrush Brows, you can not only create perfectly shaped brows, but also achieve a beautiful ombre effect. This unique technique allows you to create a gradual transition from light to dark shades, making the brows look natural and full.

The secret behind the ombre effect lies in the layers you can build up with Airbrush Brows. By applying the liquid dye layer by layer with the airbrush device, you can control the intensity and create more subtle shades at the front of the brow. As you move to the back of the brow, you can gradually deepen the color, resulting in a beautiful transition from light to dark.

3. Super Fast and Efficient
Once you master the airbrush technique, you will be amazed at how fast you can work. The airbrush is a great tool that provides an even application of paint, allowing you to work much more efficiently than traditional methods. This means that as a brow specialist, you can not only serve more clients, but also make more profit in the same amount of time.

4.Exactly The Right Intensity
One of the advantages of Airbrush Brows is that you can work in thin layers. This allows us to lay a nice base for the brows. By building up the color layer by layer, you can achieve exactly the desired color, shape and intensity.

5. Super Sleek Result

With Airbrush Brows you can achieve a super tight result, similar to permanent makeup (pmu). This is made possible through the use of templates, which ensure precise and perfect eyebrow shape.
The use of templates at Airbrush Brows allows brow specialists to achieve consistency and precision in their work. The templates have pre-formed shapes and lines to suit different brow styles, such as a stylized arch or a sleek angular shape. By placing the stencil on the skin and applying the airbrush technique, the paint can be applied evenly and precisely within the stencil lines.

Airbrush Brows With Mrs.Highbrow

As a pioneer in the brow industry, Mrs.Highbrow could not be left behind, and we have embraced this new trend. Thus, we have a special developer developed for mixing with PowerStain. That way your paint becomes nice and liquid, so it's suitable for the airbrush machine. And there is a course in Airbrush Brows. In collaboration with none other than Nina Nurian of Nurian Brow Experts & Academy.

Liquid Dye

We especially get a lot of questions about our PowerStain. This liquid Dye, which we recently launched, is super suitable for Airbrush Brows. Why: because it's so liquid.

PowerStain is available in 4 beautiful colors. All shades are ready-to-use, but you can also mix them together. Add a drop of Velvet Noir to make one color cooler and more intense. With Desert Sand, flatten the other colors slightly.

So airbrushing only works with a very liquid substance, as liquid as milk. That's why Mrs.Highbrow's liquid PowerStain is so suitable for this. But do mix the paint with the special Airbrush Activator, and not with the creamy variety.

Airbrush Developer

So airbrushing only works with a very liquid substance, as liquid as milk. That is why Mrs.Highbrow's liquid PowerStain is so suitable for this. But do mix the paint with the special Airbrush Activator, and not with the creamy variety. The best ratio is 5 drops of PowerStain with 4 drops of Airbrush Activator.

airbrush brows machine

Airbrush Brows Device

To create the perfect Airbrush Brows, you need an Airbrush Device. The same device used for airbrush makeup. There are many inexpensive devices on the market, but it important to choose a good quality product that allows you to set Airbrush Brows with proper pressure.

online cursus airbrush brows

Course Airbrush Brows

Are you ready to master the art of Airbrush Brows? In mid-February, Mrs.Highbrow is launching a brand new online course, specially designed to reveal to you the secrets of perfect Airbrush Brows, and in collaboration with none other than brow expert Nina Nurian. Just from the comfort of your own home or salon.
Discover proper techniques, learn how to perfect eyebrow shape and color, and surprise your clients with stunning results.