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How To Create The Best Content For Social Media

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It's something we all have to deal with in 2023: how can I make the best content with my results? After all, we all know the feeling of "wasting" & not sharing the gorgeous brows you just created, or worse, the photos or videos just not doing them justice! We tapped our content creator for her best tips and some examples to get a handle on this eternal struggle once and for all.

Good Lighting

One of the most important, if not the most important, tip we can give: make sure you have good light! While you obviously need good light during a treatment, it is absolutely essential when taking a photo or video to make sure you don't suffer from shadows, reflections or overexposure.

Mrs.Highbrow Team Tip: using a ring light will give you even better results for your photos and videos. Not sure what we're talking about? It's those round donut-looking lights with a hole in the middle, where you put your cellphone or camera. These bad boys give you optimal distribution of the light, and you don't suffer from shadows. A staple for content creators, influencers, and now salon specialists, ring lights comes in all shapes, sizes and price ranges, but for a good one, you definitely don't have to buy the most expensive, just give a quick browse on the reviews!

Keep The Client In The Chair

For the perfect photo or video, make sure the client is lying down. You can actually have the client lie in the treatment chair for a while after the treatment so you can capture the results - brows or lashes are best captured this way! Just be sure to bend your ring light towards the client's face. 

Create The Right Angle

Once your client is comfortable, the trick is to take the photo from the right angle: straight from above. From below you're likely to get a double chin effect, and no matter how big or small a forehead is in reality, from the wrong angle it will just not work. When it comes down to it, the best image is simply from the eyes of the brow specialist, from above. Also, always make sure to ask the client if she is okay with the photo or video going on social media!

Eyes Always Open In Photo & Video

For brow treatments and especially true for lash lift treatments, content just looks best when the client has their eyes open. But don't have the client look straight into the camera, content looks best when the eyes just look past the camera and catch a glint of light. Even better? With eyes open, you are more likely to show the stunning expressive look that the eyelashes or eyebrows have after a treatment.

A Before & After Photo

Another tried and true that always performs well is a before & after photo or video - especially when the difference is huge! Just make sure you take the content from exactly the same angle, with the same light and from the same distance, as the two should be identical so the difference of the eyebrows stands out. You can either choose a swipe style post on Instagram or create a collage where you can see the results immediately. Tip: try the app Unfold or the website Canva to make collages.

The Right Photo & Video Settings

The best photos and videos are usually shot with a good camera or a phone with a good quality camera, but this really isn't necessarily a must! There are actually simpler options that also ensure you get higher quality images.

For the best quality video, change your camera settings from 1080/30 frames per second to 2000/60 frames per second, or change the settings to the highest quality possible.

Another tip: check your Instagram settings! You may not realize that Instagram automatically lowers the quality to post your photo or video as quickly as possible. Change these settings: open Instagram, go to Settings -> Account -> Data Usage -> Media Quality, and select "Upload at highest quality".

No Excessive Effects & Filters

If you've created the perfect brow or gorgeous lashes, you truly don't need excessive effects and filters. An exception to this is if your client has some redness, blemishes or pimples, you can use a small effect or filter since this can make the photo or video just a bit more appealing, as you want the attention to be drawn to just the brows or lashes.

To make the skin a little more even, you can use Photoshop, Facetune or Perfect365. If you want to hide any redness slightly, try making the saturation less bright, as this already helps - but don't overdo it! You'll want to avoid having your content look fake and unnatural.

Bonus Make-Up Tips

#1 Highlighting Pencil

Our own Highlighting Duo Brow Pencil is a combo of both a highlighter and a concealer. The concealer makes the brows look even sleeker and the highlighter provides that perfect final touch. The highlighting pencil comes in 3 shades to suit every client, and we recommend using a highlighter brush to apply the product. If you haven't tried it already, you can also use the highlighter to give that extra something to a lash lift by applying a little highlighter in the corner of the eye. It's just the icing on the cake, so make sure not to overdo it!

Mrs.Highbrow Make-Up Highlighting Pencil

#2 Brow Fix

To take the brows to the next level with more a fluffy and brushed-up look for the photo or video, you need to try our Brow Fix, the newer version of the existing Brow Soap. Brow Fix makes the brows look stunning in the photo, and you can use both the Highlighting Pencil, Brow Fix and all the other makeup from Mrs.Highbrow resell in your salon if you are a reseller. Curious? Send an email to

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The Golden Tip From Our Own Content Creator

"My tip as a Content Creator at Mrs.Highbrow is to always be consistent with your branding and style. Your visuals should align with your brand and convey a consistent style and message. This will help your audience recognize your content and build trust in your brand over time." - Chrystalla, Content Creator at Mrs.Highbrow.

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