How Our Brow Makeup Can Extend Your Treatment Results


We all know that every client wants to feel like she just walked out of your salon every day, feeling gorgeous with sleek brow henna, perfectly brushed-up fluffy brows or some double-take worthy lashes. Well, with the help of our makeup products, she can recreate or enhance her brows & lashes with our makeup to feel like the treatment was just done - every day!

Stretch Your Brow Lamination

As you probably already know, a Brow Lamination treatment typically lasts about five weeks on the brows. We're going to let you in on a little secret how your client can enjoy those fluffy, brushed-up brows even longer: we offer three makeup products that can prolong the effect of a Brow Lamination treatment:

  • First off is Brow Fix: the recently-updated version of our existing Brow Soap. While we can't get enough of the luxurious new packaging, the best thing about the new formula is that you don't need water! The formula gives you the right texture straight from the compact.
    Even better? Brow Fix now comes in a deluxe compact with a mirror, so your client can shape her brows anywhere, giving them that fluffed-up, just laminated look! 

  • Brow Fix's little sister is the tried & true Brow Soap, which also creates a fluffy brow instantly that stays in place for up to 24 hours. In addition to the Brow Soap, every package includes a brush and spoolie so your client can choose her preferred method to give her brows the ultimate laminated look again. Mrs.Highbrow Team Tip: wet the spoolie or brush first before applying Brow Soap.

  • Lastly, try our tried & true Brow Styling Gel. Generally speaking, using Brow Soap or Brow Fix will give the hairs a slightly hardened feel, so if a client doesn't like this, you can recommend a styling gel! Gel keeps the brows in shape all day and it's easily applied using just a fine, small brush. Our eyebrow gel is transparent, so it can be used on brows or skin of every color. 

Makeup For The Henna Brow

It's a given that clients especially love the skin stain after a Henna Brow treatment. However, keep in mind that the skin tint fades a lot faster than the color on the hair. Knowing this, there are a number of makeup products your client can use to tint the skin every day while their brow hair color is still going strong. Be sure to show them how to touch up their brows with makeup, that way your client will go home feeling satisfied and you'll boost your sales too!

  • Suggest the Powder Brow Pencil for a perfectly filled brow with a natural ombre effect. The pencil is high quality, powdery, and not too greasy, AKA it's perfection in pencil form. It's available in Blonde, Soft Brown and Dark Brown, ensuring that with this little extra makeup touch your client can enjoy sleek brows for a long time!

Mrs.Highbrow Powder Brow Pencil

  • The multi-use, ultra thin tip of our Micro Liner allows you to either fill in brows very naturally or a bit more heavily for a more pronounced look. Available in 3 beautiful shades, it's suitable for every client. Try the color Taupe if the client has light skin with light brows, the color Ash Brown if you want a cool, dark tone, or Warm Brown for those with yellow undertones to create a nice warm brow tone.

  • To round out the trio is our Pomade, which is an all-in-one eyebrow product. The luxury glass jar houses each beautiful shade - Blonde, Chocolate, or Dark Brown. We recommend that you show your client how to apply the unique formula of the pomade with an Angled Brow Brush so she'll get the best results herself! 

Keratin Complex For Luscious Lash Lifts

While our Keratin Complex won't give any immediately discernible effects after a Lash Lift treatment, it's a great investment for the long run. This essential is a conditioning product that gives lashes (as well as brows) the care they need - especially after treatment - nourishing and protecting the hairs to keep them smooth and shiny.

We advise the use of Keratin Complex between treatments, and after some time, your client should find the hairs are a lot healthier and stronger! Keratin Complex is best used as an addition to her evening skincare routine every night. 

Would you like to resell Keratin Complex to your clients? If you order 10 vials, you'll receive a 40% discount and pay € 19.20 per vial! Note: the recommended retail price is €38.95 including VAT.

Mrs.Highbrow Make-Up Keratin Complex

"I have been using Keratin complex for a month now, and I can see really good changes in my eyelashes & eyebrows. They have become healthy and stronger. Definitely recommend it!" - Ensy

Makeup After Waxing

When clients go for just a waxing or threading treatment, they're often after a more natural look. This is where your expertise comes into play: with just a little makeup you can give their natural look a little extra somethin'. 

  • Our Highlighting Pencil is the perfect finisher for gorgeous natural brows, using either the matte or shiny side.
    Available in 3 shades, a cool shade (No. 1 Rose), a warmer shade (No. 2. Vanilla) and a new darker shade (No. 3. Caramel), this is a staple every beauty should keep in her beauty arsenal. 

  • Eyebrow Styling Gel is another product that's perfect for a more natural brow. Your client can use it to shape the brows for a subtle but sculpted effect. There's a reason brow gel is a must-have no matter how simple your beauty routine is!

Sell Mrs.Highbrow Makeup In Your Salon

Do you want to have all the essentials your client needs to bring home with her? It's a no-brainer to become an official Mrs.Highbrow reseller - you can buy the makeup with an attractive discount, leaving you with a healthy margin on sales!

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