New: Vegan Lash & Brow Lift In Handy Pouches

Mrs.Highbrow Vegan Lash & Brow Lift

We proudly present our new formula for the perfect Lash Lift and the most beautiful Brow Lamination. In convenient pouches, making the product extra long lasting. Ideal for when you don't do a Lash or Brow Lift daily or weekly. The formula is also vegan.

> New product! Lash & Brow Lamination in one, in separate pouches.

> Vegan & cruelty free formula, developed in the UK     

> Up to 40 treatments from 1 box, so only €0.75 per treatment.

The Lash Lift and Brow Lamination are popular treatments. Long lashes are one of the seven beauties. And while eyelash extensions give beautiful results, nothing is more appealing than naturally lifted lashes.

In addition, Brow Lamination provides much-needed attention. Full, fluffy brows in an instant. And with just a brush through the brows every morning, your client will look like a natural beauty for weeks. A natural, eye-catching look for everyone.

Lash and Brow Lift With One Product

At Mrs.Highbrow, we love to listen to our customers. We noticed that there was a need for a product that continues to work optimally, even if you as a lash or brow stylist do not perform a lash elevator or brow lamination treatment every day. This is precisely why our new product is ideal, because it is comes in convenient pouches pouches.

Mrs.Highbrow Lash & Brow Lift is suitable for both lashes and brows. From one bag you can get up to 4 treatments. And because these treatments are often combined, this product is ideal. Two birds with one stone.

The lotions also have a unique formula that is vegan and super fast and efficient. The processing times of the lotions are only between 3 and 8 minutes.

Especially for stylists who only do a Lash or Brow Lift once in a while, this product is ideal.

Mrs.Highbrow Lash Brow lift Lamination

The Lash Lift

Mrs.Highbrow Lash & Brow Lift works as simply as the Lash Elevation pumps, which, by the way, just remain in our range. It is important to observe a few things beforehand:

Why Mrs.Highbrow Lash & Brow Lift?

  1. In convenient pouches.

  2. For both the Lash Lift and Brow Lamination.

  3. Vegan & Cruelty Free

  4. Processing time from 3 to 8 minutes

The Brow Lift

A good Brow Lift is done in no time with Mrs.Highbrow Lash & Brow Lift's handy pouches. Beforehand, it is important - just like when doing a Lash Lift - to think about a few things:

  • The treatment is not recommended if the eyebrow hairs are very short or unruly.

  • Again, cleansing the brows with Treatment Enhancer is recommended. This way you give brows every chance to absorb the lotions optimally.

  • For stiff or unruly hairs, carefully apply a thin layer of Adhesive. Straighten the eyebrow hairs in the desired direction to add shape and definition.

  • Omit Adhesive in the case of fine hairs or if the hairs are already pointing reasonably in the right direction.

Lift, Neutralize, Nourish

The Lash & Brow Lift process consists of 3 steps. It is important to follow all steps for an optimal lift, including step 3, which is sometimes skipped by specialists.

#1 Step 1 Lifting Cream

The Lifting Cream ensures that the lashes or brows are lifted. For both lash and brow elevator, apply a small amount to lashes and brows. For the lashes, apply the cream from the root to 1/3 of the lash line. For brow lamination, apply the cream from the root to 3/4 of the hairs. Need more detailed explanation? The instructions for use can be found at the bottom of the product information.

#2 Step 2 Neutralizing Lotion

The second step in the lifting process is to apply Neutralizing Lotion. Apply with a microbrush or an applicator a small amount of Neutralising Lotion to the area where the Lifting Cream was applied. The application times and how to remove the product can be found in the product information.

#3 Step 3 Nourishing Serum

The final - and essential - step in the process is the Nourishing Serum. Lash & Brow Lift Nourishing Serum Step 3 conditions and nourishes just-lifted eyelashes or eyebrows. In addition, the serum stimulates healthy hair growth. More info on the nourishing serum can be found in the product information.

Mrs.Highbrow Vegan Lash & Brow Lift

10 Pouches For Up To 40 Treatments

Mrs.Highbrow Lash & Brow Lift comes in a box containing 10 sachets of 1.5 ml. From one sachet goes up to 4 treatments. This means that the cost of 1 step is only €0.75. In other words, only €2.25 for a full lash elevator. For a lash and brow elevator, you charge between €60 and €80, so count your profits!

Order Together, Get Discount!

Curious about Mrs.Highbrow Lash & Brow Lift? Then purchase all the steps together and get a nice discount! On the website there is a category where you can add all products at once in your shopping cart. With this you will receive a few euros discount and have all the steps you need for a dazzling lash or brow lift!

Hygienic Pump Bottles

Never change a winning team! So the current Lash Lift pumps remain in our assortment. So are you used to the current pumps and happy with them? Then just keep ordering them, and perform your lash lifts as usual.