• Feb 01, 2022

Choose Your (Free) Course


From Brow Styling to Brow Lamination. Through Mrs.Highbrow you can take as many as 5 online courses, one of which is free! You can follow the courses at your own pace and upon completion you will receive a handwritten certificate. With the exception of the free course, for this you receive a digital certificate. Discover all the benefits here. 

- By Desi van Dijk

Whether you are a beginning stylist in the beauty industry or already fairly experienced, we have the course that suits you. For example, the Brow Stylist course is for the more novice specialist and the Brow Lamination course is really for the brow stylist with a little more experience. Because the courses are online, we can introduce any passionate brow artist anywhere in the world to the fascinating world of brows. Also convenient: because the course material is online, we can easily update it to keep you up-to-date. In addition, you scroll through the course at your own pace and can pause or return to a particular module at any time. You also save valuable time by not having to travel, which you naturally prefer to spend on clients or practicing your skills.

"Very good course, clear, fun to read, perfect!" - Marleen K.

Leading Experts From The Beauty Industry

The online courses are put together by Mrs.Highbrow CEO Ska van Buren, with leading experts from the beauty industry. The years of experience and knowledge they have has been translated into an accessible way of learning. For example, a number of tutorials were created together with Francien Vermeer or Elijah Cikot.

Francien is a true brow pro who provided women with the most beautiful brows, but also let other specialists get the best out of themselves. In fact, Francien worked for years as a brow specialist and salon manager at Mrs.Highbrow, and in recent years she was head of training at Mrs.Highbrow's academy.


Some of the online courses were created by Mrs.Highbrow
CEO Ska van Buren and Francien Vermeer.

Francien Vermeer

Francien Vermeer, former brow specialist and
head of training at Mrs.Highbrow.

You can also find brow stylist Elijah in the online course Henna Brows. Elijah Cikot is a long-time ambassador of Mrs.Highbrow and enjoys using our products during her treatments. Around the age of fifteen Elijah developed a great passion for eyebrows, and not much later she noticed that in her hometown Middelharnis, near Rotterdam, there was a lot of demand for brow treatments. She decided to capitalize on this trend and opened her own salon: Brow Architecture. In the tutorial in the online course Henna Brows, Elijah takes you through all the steps of the process.

Mrs.Highbrow Elijah

Elijah Cikot, ambassador of Mrs.Highbrow and specialist in the online tutorial Henna Brows.

The Benefits Of A Mrs.Highbrow Course

  • Comprehensive theory developed and compiled by leading experts in the beauty industry.
  • Start at your convenience.
  • An online test to test your knowledge (not a prerequisite for receiving your certificate).
  • A chat feature that allows you to ask us all your additional questions.
  • Our master trainers are available to provide feedback on your submitted work.
  • A handwritten certificate for the paid courses, a digital certificate for the free coloring course.
  • Access to our brow community where you can broaden your knowledge and strengthen your network.
  • The courses are available in both Dutch and English.
  • The online course can be ordered in combination with a Starter Kit. You will then receive extra discount!

"Covers everything a brow stylist needs to know! And I love working with your products!" - Natalie C.

5 Online Training Courses

Mrs.Highbrow currently offers four online courses where you will learn all about wax, henna, brow lamination and lash elevator, and there is one free expert module. An overview:

Browstylist. In this course you will learn the basics. You will learn all about wax, how it works and what it is. We'll give you tools for shaping a brow, as well as how to conduct an intake interview. The course includes an instructional video and of course an exam to test your knowledge.
Price Browstylist course without kit: €69.
Price Browstylist course in combination with kit: €143.

Henna Brows. The goal of this course is for you to start henna brows with the right amount of confidence. Of course we will tell you all the important background knowledge and take you step by step through the whole process. This will be made even clearer through two tutorials.
Price course Henna Brows without kit: €69.
Price course Henna Brows with Starter Kit €209 .

Brow Lamination. A trend we saw a lot of last year: Brow Lamination. We'll tell you all the ins-and-outs about this wildly popular treatment and again, we'll take you step-by-step through the entire treatment.
Price Brow Lamination course without kit: €69.
Price Brow Lamination course with Starter Kit: €135.

Mrs.Highbrow Online cursus Brow Lamination

Lash Elevation. This unique course introduces you to the beautiful world of natural lashes. With all the background knowledge, tips & tricks, steps and tutorials you will be completely up-to-date to create the most beautiful eye look!
Price course Lash Elevation without kit: €69.
Price course Lash Elevation with Master Kit and Lash Elevation Brush: €134,95.

Free! Dyōtics Colorology. This course is a true export module. Do you want more knowledge on how to best mix Dyōtics' different colors and create the best matching color for each client time after time? Then this course suits you perfectly! Of course it is useful to already have worked with Dyōtics for some time or to follow this course as a deepening of the Henna Brows course.

Upon completion of this course you will receive a digital certificate!

Questions or more info?

Here you can find all courses offered by Mrs.Highbrow. Do you have additional questions about the online courses or would you like more information? Then send an email to hello@mrshighbrow.com or ask your question via the chat function on this website.