Spot on • Oct 15, 2020

Specialist in the Spotlight: Anthea Vignoli

The Italian beauty Anthea Vignoli (28) who moved to Australia at the age of 20 , left everything behind, except for her passion for brows. After gaining the necessary experience, she felt like it was time for the next step and she became Mrs. Highbrow's first Australian distributor. What is the brow business like on the other side of the world and what advice would she give to the entrepreneurs?

Despite these unusual circumstances, the brow industry is busier than ever in Queensland, Australia. Not only because customers can’t wait to have their eyebrows done again after the lockdown but also because of the Covid - 19 related restrictions.

There are many nurses standing in line for Anthea's brow magic and service. Since they have to wear face masks, their eyebrows are the only part which is visible during their work.

It wasn’t Anthea’s initial plan to specialize in brows. She graduated eight years ago as a beautician but it wasn’t until five years ago that she decided to focus on brows and become a full time brow stylist. After gaining her experience, it has not come as a surprise that eventually she started her own enterprise.

While working as an eyebrow stylist, Anthea quickly realised that she would like to start her own brow business. "At that particular time I just didn't have the courage to do it yet." After she moved with her partner to Brisbane, Queensland where they found a house, she felt ready to make a move and by the end of 2018 The Beauty Studio by Anthea opened its doors.

"I tried to do everything on my own, but his help brings our business to the next level"


Anthea’s partner is very supportive. He quit his full time job to support her in pursuing her dreams and that, according to Anthea, has been the best decision that they could make. Both, for themselves and for the business. “I tried to do everything on my own, but his help is only bringing the business to the next level. We both have strengths that complement each other very well. ”

The difference between Europe and Australia? Europe is leading the way. “I think Europe is much further than Australia. Here, you also have to deal with a lack of local manufacturers, it is very far from everyone. ” But that doesn't make it any less fun. “Being an entrepreneur is good here. The Australian government supports young people in starting their own business and new concepts. Also, economically it is a lot better in Australia than in Italy. ”

Instagram is Anthea's biggest source of inspiration. This is where she promoted herself and gained her customers once she started her own business. Thanks to her great skills and personality her customer base is growing also through mouth-to-mouth recommendations. Anthea’s brow salon has a range of customers from 16 to 60 years old. “I love my customers, they are like family. Thanks to them, it never feels like I'm working. ”

The best thing about her profession is entrepreneurship. Anthea wouldn't trade anything for the flexibility and freedom she currently has. If there is one thing she could change in the past, it is starting her business earlier. "Just do it" is the advice she would give to other professionals. If you have an idea or goal, don't wait for the perfect moment. "You may need to build the airplane while you're flying it."

"If you have an idea or goal, don't wait for the perfect moment."

The brand she works with? Dyotics! “Dyotics is the best henna brand I have worked with so far. It is very easy to use, has beautiful shades and is perfect for both beginners and advanced users. ” The trend that Anthea is more than happy to skip is the latest "straight up" lamination. "I like brow lamination, but only when it looks natural and realistic." Her plans for the future include developing a full brow concept worldwide. Next to her menu of eyebrow treatments, she also started an online webshop. However, she affirms that will never replace her physical clientele. "I love interaction with every single customer.", she says.