TINTING • May 07, 2022

When to Use Which Dye?


Wondering when to use Brow Henna, Bronsun, or a dye that only colors the hair, not the skin? We're breaking down all the types of brow dye and what effect they give.

By Desi van Dijk

Regular Eyebrow Dye

Do you want to dye just the eyebrow hairs for the most natural look possible? Regular tint, such as LashFX or Refectocil is exactly what you need, as this type of dye only colors the hairs and not the skin, and is perfect if a client wants her brows just a shade darker! If you apply the color with a spoolie, you'll really only dye the hairs and get a very natural result, and if apply it with an angled brush, you'll tint the skin along with the hairs. Be sure to remind your client that regular dye doesn't stay on the skin, it comes off after a shower!

Are you combining Brow Lamination and tinting? Leave the dye on for only 5 minutes!

Regular dyes, as well as Bronsun, are ideal to combine with Brow Lamination, as Brow Lamination focuses on the hair and not the skin! If you were to tint the skin too (as you do with brow henna), then the effect can be too bold. It's not a great idea to combine Brow Henna and Brow Lamination because the hair and skin can be over-treated. However, if you'd like tinted & laminated brows, use regular dye to tint the hairs after step 2 in the Brow Lamination process, and leave the dye on for only 5 minutes, as the hairs have already been treated and will therefore absorb the color faster!

@_pointbrow - Brow Lamination with then a regular dye after step 2.

Bronsun Dye

Bronsun Dye is a regular dye in a tube, but with a henna effect and normally leaves a tint on the skin for up to 7 days. Does your client prefer Bronsun to a regular dye, but wants a more mild effect? Choose one of the lightest colors of Bronsun, like Graphite. While the name suggests a shade of gray, this couldn't be farther from the truth! Bronsun Graphite gives an ashy taupe effect, and is beautiful on blondes who like cool colors. You'll notice when you use one of the lighter colors, the stain on the skin will fade faster, however, the hair will remain colored for up to 6 weeks.

The name Bronsun Graphite suggests a shade of gray, but this couldn't be farther from the truth.

Bronsun is available in 6 different colors, from Light Brown to Deep Black, to Chestnut, which is ideal for redheads! The nice thing is that every shade can be combined with each other, however we advise you to be careful with Light Brown and Graphite, as they can create a green-yellow effect when they're mixed together. Try mixing Chestnut and Light Brown to make Light Brown just a little bit warmer, as this shade is ideal for women with warm, light brown and medium blonde brows. Rate this beautiful combination yourself below from @studioelevenbbs! As you can see, the tint is not as intense as with Brow Henna, but you can see a light tint that gives a nice shadow effect. Are you curious about Bronsun? Check out our blog post about this popular tint.

@studioelevenbbs - a beautiful blend of Bronsun #4 Chestnut and #5 Light Brown.

Go Intense With Henna Brows

When your client wants both the brow hair and skin tinted, choose Dyōtics Brow Henna, which gives an intense look that colors the hair for up to 6 weeks and the skin for up to 14 days. Dyōtics Brow Henna is available in 6 colors, from light to dark. Generally, the colors are cool in undertone, but the color Hazelnut has a warm undertone, allowing you to create the perfect color for each client, because all shades of Dyōtics can be mixed with each other! It's important that the skin under the hair is also well tinted, so that the henna gives a nice impression. Use an Angled Brush or a henna brush to apply the dye to the eyebrows. The leave-in time of Dyōtics is a bit longer, on average around 15-20 minutes. Do you want to create a natural ombre effect? Remove the onset after 5-7 minutes!

@browarchitecture_ - Dyōtics Brow Henna with an ombre effect.

Listen to Your Customer

To find out which dye will work best for your client, it's important to listen to his or her wishes. But remember, you're the specialist, so give your advice what you think looks best! It's good to have plenty of knowledge so that you can confidently and professionally present the best choice. A good online course is always a great foundation; for example, our online courses for Brow Stylist and Henna Brows are the perfect trainings to help you.