Design • Sep 21, 2020

13 x Interior Inspiration for your Salon

Your brow bar design says more about you than you might think. It's the first they say when entering, if they haven't already seen it on social media. Your choice of decorations and interior communicates what you stand for and plays a massive role in attracting the right type of client. Whether you are remodeling or just opening up your salon, we've compiled a lookbook to help you find inspiration.


Green is the color of life, renewal, nature and is also associated with energy. The color green has a relaxing and calming effect. Ideal for allowing your customers to relax in your salon


The color pink is a feminine color that is both playful and passionate. This soft shade relaxes and softens and is experienced as calming. Pink is associated with sweet, cheerful and youthful. Perfect for a younger customer base.

Use the power of presentation to attract customers and improve sales. Attract customers' attention in a positive way - use lighting, platforms and typography - and introduce them to your products.


Flowers have such an essential beauty in all their shapes and colors that they can take your breath away, even if it's just for a second. You lose yourself in all their natural splendor for a moment. This will allow your customers can dream away from their daily life.


Make your chairs the eye-catcher of your brow bar. When choosing beautiful chairs, do not forget what they are for. Namely letting your customer sit comfortably and supporting you in your work.

Do you already have a beautiful salon that you are very proud of? Tag us in your Instagram post. We are more than happy to give you a shoutout so that you can inspire others.