Business • Nov 14, 2020

6 Ways to Deal With Feedback

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As a Brow Stylist, customer happiness is your highest priority. However you will meet clients in your career path who won’t be satisfied with the results and you should be prepared to handle this in the best possible way. This way your resolving power will be part of your marketing. 

Below you can find 6 Mrs.Highbrow tips on how to handle feedback with care.

1. Don’t take it personal

When doing eyebrows you do your best to achieve the most beautiful results. It's nothing unusual that you might feel personally addressed when somebody feedbacks your work, however at the end of the day you shouldn’t take it personal and get emotional. Even the rudest complaint is never against you as a person. Don’t let it upset you, just calmly listen to what your customer is saying.

2. Apologise & Acknowledge

Even if you disagree with what your customer says you should never challenge their complaints because that will definitely not help you to diffuse their dissatisfaction. Calmly hear the customer out and acknowledge that you understand what s/he is saying. It’s also good if you apologise to the customer for the inconvenience, even if again, you don’t agree with the complaint. You can repeat or paraphrase what she or he said to make sure that you got the point across. This way the customers will see that you heard them out and that they are being taken seriously.

3. Thank them

This might be a hard nut to crack, especially when you disagree with the feedback but this can be the key factor to rebuilding your relationship with your customer. You should thank the customer for taking time to share their concerns as it gives you a room for improvement and showing the customer that you care for them.

4. Take action and be flexible

After you heard the customer out and understood the core of their feedback, you should explain what action you are going to take to better the situation. Depending on the situation you can offer a solid solution, however if the customer is not satisfied with your offer you should show some flexibility in your offer. Maybe if your customer is not pleased with the henna brow treatment, you can offer a discount for the next treatment. Should she or he still not be pleased, offer her or him an extra treatment next visit as a bonus (e.g lash lift).

5. Follow up

After you did your best to resolve the customer's complaint you should follow up with them whether they are satisfied with the solution you offered. You can send them an email, call the day after or send a card depending on the issue and your personal preferences. This is a way to show them that you care about their satisfaction and take their complaints seriously.

6. Let it go and move on

Sometimes you will encounter customers who won’t accept any compensation and will be pretty rude and difficult to get along with. It can occur that you feel like you have done everything you possibly could but still won’t be satisfied with options you offered and will continue complaining. The old truth is that you cannot please everyone and sometimes the customer and you are just not a good match and the best thing you can do for both of you is to let them go.

Every brow stylist wants customers to leave the salon satisfied and happy about their brows. However if something goes wrong and the customer is not satisfied don’t take their feedback personally and if possible see it as an opportunity for improvement either way as a brow stylist or a business owner. Do you have more tips? Care to share in our  FB Community.