BROW LAMINATION • Oct 08, 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Brow Lamination

Mrs.Highbrow Brow Lamination

Discover the ideal dye to combine with Brow Lamination, and what about Brow Henna? Plus, get insider secrets on the best aftercare advice for stunning brushed-up brows. Elevate your craft with our expert insights and create brows that are nothing short of spectacular.

By Desi van Dijk

1. Combining Brow Lamination & Henna Brows

Perhaps the question we get asked the most: can you combine Brow Lamination and Henna Brows? Although it is often done, we advise against it. And not only because the eyebrows have to endure a lot, but also because it does not give the most beautiful effect.

With Henna Brows you want the eyebrows to be as tight as possible. If you then also apply Brow Lamination, where the hairs are made fluffy straight, it becomes much too intense. On the other hand, with Brow Lamination, you want the focus to be precisely on the hairs. If you are going to dye the skin as well - the idea of Henna Brows - then you see less of the hairs and the effect of brow lamination is lost.

Mrs.Highbrow Hyrbrid Dye Brows

2. Brow Lamination & Hybrid Dye

Want to give a client's hairs more color and apply Brow Lamination at the same time? Then choose Hybrid Dye. This gives the same effect as Brow Henna, but is better combined with Brow Lamination. Or choose to apply the dye with a spoolie, so you only dye the hairs and not the skin, for a more subtle effect.

After step 2 and before step 3 in the Brow Lamination process, you can dye the hair. Do handle a shorter soaking time, of 3- 5 minutes. Because because the eyebrows have already been treated with the products for Brow Lamination, the hairs absorb the paint faster and can quickly become too dark.

On Instagram, Mrs.Highbrow gets tagged a lot in photos and videos with the most beautiful brows. This is one example we love! Have you also had a Brow Lamination treatment done? Then be sure to tag @mrshighbrow on Instagram so we can repost your creations.

3. Brow Lamination: 2 Types Of Products

Mrs.Highbrow has two excellent options for your Brow Lamination treatments: Brow Lamination in luxury pens and the versatile Lash & Brow Lift in convenient pouches.

Brow Lamination in Luxury Pens

The high-quality Brow Lamination pens make applying the lamination products extremely easy and ensure professional results. Available separately or in deluxe and economical Master Kit.

The Brow Lamination Master Kit contains everything you need to perform a brow elevator. With this Kit you can perform about 15 treatments. The Brow Lamination Master Kit includes the following:

  • Step 1 Lifting Cream, 5 ml
  • Step 2 Fixing Cream, 5 ml
  • Step 3 Nourishing Gel, 5 ml
  • Brow Lamination Adhesive, 10 ml
  • 3 x Lifting Tools
  • 50 x Applicators
  • 50x Spoolies
  • Comprehensive Manual

Brow Lamination In Handy Pouches

But there is more! Mrs.Highbrow is now also introducing the versatile Lash & Brow Lift! The big advantage of this product is that you can use it for both brow elevator and lash elevator, allowing you to work more efficiently and optimize your investment in products. Plus, the products come in convenient, separate pouches, which is ideal if you don't apply the brow elevator too often. With the Lash & Brow Lift, you expand your services and get the most out of your treatments! 💪

4. The Best Aftercare

How long a client enjoys her brushed-up brows depends on your skill, but also on good aftercare. So share the following advice with your clients.

  1. Keep Them Dry

    Avoid getting your brows wet during the first 24 hours after treatment. This will ensure full absorption of the product, resulting in a long-lasting brushed-up effect.

  2. Avoid Heat

    Avoid sauna, hot showers and intense workouts for the next 48 hours. Excessive heat can weaken the binding of the brow hairs, negating the lamination effect.

  3. Don't Touch

    Resist the urge to touch your eyebrows. The natural oils from your hands may cause the result to not last as long.

  4. Brush Through

    Gently brush your eyebrows back in the right direction each morning. Use a spooling oil to do this. After a night's sleep, eyebrows are often a bit out of shape, but by brushing very briefly, they are instantly right again - just as they were after treatment.

5. Everything You Need & More

In the Brow Lamination Master Kit you will find everything you need to perform that amazing treatment. But there is more! There are a number of additional products that make a treatment even easier and more fun.

Smart Silicone Tool

The Silicone Lamination Tool is the secret weapon for applying lamination products, both for brows and lashes! Thanks to the silicone tip, no product remains on the brush, allowing you to use anything on the brows. Moreover, this tool is high quality and super easy to clean. So you can use the silicone lamination tool over and over again.

Treatment Enhancer: Thorough Cleanser

Treatment Enhancer is an absolute must-have to keep the Brow Lamination treatment as long as possible. Mrs.Highbrow Treatment Enhancer is a blend of natural ingredients, including salt. Using this cleanser will completely remove grease and dirt. Although a normal makeup remover often seems to be enough, Treatment Enhancer takes away all residue. Even those from your makeup remover or Skin Prep Lotion, for example. This ensures that the active ingredients of the Brow Lamination can be perfectly absorbed by the hairs, thus achieving an optimal result.

6. When Not To Perform Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is a great treatment for clients with healthy skin, a fairly symmetrical face and relatively long eyebrow hairs. But even with these ideal conditions, there are situations when it is better not to apply Brow Lamination, to avoid irritation and always provide the best service and most beautiful brows.

Brow Lamination is not recommended in the following situations:

  • In case of previous allergic reactions to brow lamination products;

  • In case of troubled skin: acne, eczema or sunburn;

  • During pregnancy and/or breastfeeding. It is not proven to be bad for the baby, but there is a chance that the brow elevator may not pick up properly under the influence of hormones;

  • After a recent pmu treatment that has not yet healed;

  • Within 2 weeks after a (chemical) peel;

  • If the weather is very hot and your client feels rather warm and clammy. In this case, the adhesive will not grab well. Also, the action of the adhesive may not grab well due to certain humidity, such as high temperatures.

7. Online Brow Lamination Course

Are you ready to take your brow game to the next level? Whether you are just starting out offering Brow Lamination or have been offering the treatment for some time, our Online Course in Brow Lamination is the way to improve your skills and refresh your knowledge.

Using a clear roadmap, engaging tutorials and fun tests to test your knowledge, you will confidently create the most beautiful brows with a Brow Lamination treatment.