BROW SOAP • Aug 05, 2022

Brow Soap: A Lasting Trend We Love!

Brow Soap has been an absolute sensation among makeup artists and beauty lovers for years, as the formula allows you to create a lusciously fluffy and brushed-up brow immediately. We're calling it: Brow Soap is the perfect product for your client to use this summer.

- By Desi van Dijk

Brow Soap
is and will always be a bestseller, because who doesn't want an instantly amazing effect, every time, that lasts all day? The name says it all: Brow Soap was developed by Mrs.Highbrow with soap as its base and mixed with all the ingredients that will ensure that brows and skin won't dry out.

When the summertime & hot temperatures roll in, Brow Soap is ideal when clients don't feel like wearing a lot of makeup but still want that fresh and summery look. Just a swipe of lip gloss, blush and the finishing touch of Brow Soap for the eyebrows, clients can get a completely effortlessly chic look for brunch or the beach. And a nice bonus? Brow Soap is waterproof: a dip in the pool or the ocean won't ruin perfectly styled brows! 

Brow Soap: Popular Among Celebrities

The Brow Soap trend is still massively popular among celebrities and across social media. Why? With full and fluffy brows trending, Brow Soap is the easiest way to get the look!

How To Use Brow Soap

For Brow Soap to work best, the client needs to have brow hairs that are on the longer side, so an eyebrow with sparse or short hairs would unfortunately not work well. After all, there must be some hair to brush up! Below we explain step by step how to use Brow Soap.

Step 1: Start With Makeup

This step is optional, so if your client wants the all-natural look, don't not apply any brow makeup on the brow first. But if you do want more definition or a bolder look, apply your Mrs.Highbrow makeup of choice before Brow Soap. Pro tip: if the brows are fairly sparse, fill the brows a bit with a Pro Powder Brow Pencil or draw in some brow hairs with a Micro Brow Liner. When brows are beautifully bold or defined, then it's time for step 2!

Step 2: Use The Brush Or Spoolie

To apply Mrs.Highbrow Brow Soap, you can use either the brush or the spoolie, which you'll find included in the box. Our tip: choose the spoolie if the brow hairs are relatively shorter and go for the brush if the client has fuller and bushy brows. To apply, wet the brush or the spoolie a little with water first; it doesn't have to be soaked, but make sure it's slightly damp before moving on to step 3!

Step 3: Get Soapy

Gently swipe the damp brush or spoolie across the Brow Soap, soaping back and forth a few times. Now, you can apply the product to the eyebrows. Be careful to apply the Brow Soap only to the brow hairs and not to the skin to prevent the Brow Soap from mixing with any facial makeup! If your client wants an even sleeker, brushed-up brow look, then use the wand of the spoolie and push it up horizontally against the brows!

Step 4: Brush It Up!

Now use the brush or the spoolie to brush the brows. If your client wants an extra fluffy look, comb them back down to make the brows nice and wild and fluffy. Repeat this process until you or your client is satisfied.

Step 5: Extra Glow

To further emphasize the flawless brows you just created, you can highlight them with highlighter. The Mrs. Highbrow Duo Highlighting Pencil will make the brows pop and stand out even more.

Mrs Highbrow Brow Soap

Difference Brow Gel & Brow Soap

A question we get a lot is: what's the difference between Brow Soap and Brow Gel? Basically, Brow Soap is a little stiffer and gives a mega brushed-up effect. The Mrs.Highbrow Brow Gel is a little lighter to use. The gel combined with the fine brush allows you to carefully shape each hair. Both products provide a nice finishing touch and are fine to use. Brow Soap not better than the Brow Gel or vice versa. Both products are made with natural ingredients and do not harm the brows.

But when should you go for the Brow Soap and when for the Brow Gel? If you want to go for the éxtra look, then we recommend Brow Soap. The fluffy brushed-up brows that Brow Soap creates will attract all the attention! Want to go for a more subtle look? Then grab the Brow Gel to go with it!

Curious about the Brow Soap and Brow Gel? Test them out now! And let us know your preference!

Brow Soap & Brow Lamination

As we said Brow Soap is the finishing touch your client needs. Besides that it's the perfect product for clients who've had a Brow Lamination treatment that has weakened a bit. With Brow Soap they can prolong the effect of Brow Lamination, until their next treatment.

Brow Soap In Your Salon

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Mrs.Highbrow Brow Soap