HENNA BROWS • Nov 16, 2021

The Most Popular Brow Treatments

Henna brows populaire behandeling

The Henna Brow treatment will always be an all-time favorite, and we confirmed this by checking in with 5 specialists worldwide along with their clients. Can you guess what treatments come in at number 2, 3 and 4? You heard it here first.

By Desi van Dijk

As brow specialists, we often have specialities, from Henna Brows to Lash Lifts to Brow Lamination, or any of the numerous others. We asked the community of Mrs.Highbrow what their most booked treatment is, and over 51% indicated that the Henna Brow treatment is the most booked, followed by the Regular Dye treatment with 22%. The Lash Lift treatment is also popular with 15% and the Brow Lamination treatment is also increasingly booked with 12%.

But as specialists, we often have a favorite treatment that we prefer to perform a few times a day. We spoke to 5 brow bosses who work a lot with Mrs.Highbrow and Dyōtics products to find out their favourite treatment and which treatment is most booked in their salon!

"70% go for Henna Brows"

Jessica runs a salon and academy in Cheltenham (UK). "The most popular treatment in my salon is Henna Brows. Since I started offering this treatment after graduating in 2019, over 70% of my clients book this treatment." Jessica also tells us that this is her own favorite treatment. Her go-to tools for the Henna Brow treatment are Dyōtics Mapping Thread, White Marker Pen, Dyōtics Brow Contour Paste, different types of brushes and the Mrs. Highbrow Duo Highlighting Brow Pencil. "I think the best part about the Henna Brow treatment is the mapping part. Every brow is different and it's a fun challenge to work with the client to determine the perfect brow model."


"Great how clients react"

Samantha works at GLAM Beauty Bar (Dordrecht, NL) and predictably, the Henna Brow treatment is also the most booked treatment for Samantha! She tells us that almost all of her clients have tried Henna Brows and they are all pleasantly surprised about the stained look that Dyōtics leaves behind. She also likes the fact that all Dyōtics colors can be mixed, so you can create the perfect color for every client. But actually, she shared that her favorite treatment is overwhelmingly Brow Lamination, "I love how my clients react when they see the difference Brow Lamination can make. I'm sometimes surprised by it myself as well."


"I love routine and challenge"

Ryan, salon owner in Victorville, California (US): "My favorite treatment is by far Waxing & Henna Brows." Ryan loves routine, but at the same time he seeks a good challenge, and henna brows are ideal for this. From blending to the perfect color, to determining the right shape for each client; Dyōtics Henna is versatile. It should come as no surprise thatt the Henna Brow treatment is also the most booked treatment in his salon. "The versatility of Henna Brows is really suitable for any client. Clients who want fluffy brows or big & bold brows, someone who wants light brows to pop or someone with dark brows who doesn't want to touch up their brows every day."


"Henna Brows don't look out of place on anyone."

Yvette is the proud owner of My Brow Bar Rotterdam (Rotterdam, NL). "It varies a lot what I like to do. Everyone's brows are different, so the result of each treatment is different too. The biggest difference is the Brow Lamination & Lash Lift. The difference is often huge and so beautiful!" In addition, the Henna Brow treatment at her salon is also booked the most. "This is definitely a look that doesn't look out of place on anyone."


"I love Brow Lamination.

Becky is based with her salon Luscious Looks in Shrewsbury (UK). "I think Brow Lamination is really fantastic to do! I love how a naturally thin brow can turn into a big fluffy brow. The difference is huge and the treatment is so hot right now!" As well as the Brow Lamination treatment being super hot, the Henna Brow treatment is also the most booked at Becky's salon. "Many of my clients love the sleek look that Henna Brows gives. Because you don't have to do much to your brows after the treatment and it stays on for a long time, it's by far the favorite in my salon!"