SPOT ON • Feb 15, 2022

Brow Bar On The Road


Jill-Chiara Snoei (30) drives all around Arnhem with her mobile brow bar to provide everyone with the most beautiful eyebrows. Her favorite treatment? Brow Lamination, as "the transformation is often insane."

- By Desi van Dijk

Jill-Chiara, originally from Rotterdam, has been based with her own brow bar in Zevenaar near Arnhem for a few years now. Having worked in hairdressing and as a beautician and make-up artist, she's been developing her love for all things eyebrows since 2014. At the time, she worked at a large beauty company, but her entrepreneurial heart began to beat faster. "I started my own business by buying a wax heater and some products from Mrs.Highbrow, and started visiting my customers! Word spread like wildfire, and within no time I was fully booked every week. Since that time, I've phased out my permanent job and in 2018 I've shift my focus fully on my own company!"

"In the beginning I drove all over the Netherlands. It was totally unprofitable, but it was good for building my network."

Mrs.Highbrow Microliner

Eyebrows beautified by Jill-Chiara, with a finish with the Mrs.Highbrow Microliner in Taupe. This is the bestseller in her salon.

Jill-Chiara noticed that as many women were very busy with work, fitness and children, they didn't want to be out in public or running errands with freshly waxed red skin. "That's why I had started Brows by Jill - On the Road. I didn't easily say 'no' to a client, so I initially drove all over the Netherlands. It was totally unprofitable, but this was good in the beginning to build up my network." Last summer, Jill-Chiara opened her own Brow Suite at home, taking inspiration from the Boutique Office in Arnhem, where you can rent luxury office suites or flex spaces. "In my Brow Suite, I really want to offer the ultimate relaxing feeling, think nice music, candles and a drink. If clients bring girlfriends, I just open a bottle of bubbly. It's not only a treat for the clients, it's so cozy, too."


When we asked Jill-Chiara about her favorite treatment, it's by far Brow Lamination. "The difference with a Brow Lamination is insane. When a client comes in and she thinks there's nothing to make of her brows, I actually want to press a mirror into her hand as soon as I apply the Brow Lamination treatment!"

Private Training By Jill

But how does Jill-Chiara keep all the balls in the air? Between having her own business with a fully-packed schedule of brow appointments, trainings, a web shop, as well as a busy family? "Haha, it gives you a headache sometimes and it takes a lot of planning and sometimes hassle. But we are a busy and entrepreneurial family. As soon as the kids are at school or at my (parents-in-law's) house, I go out on the road. I'll pause my workday to pick up the kids from school, but when my husband is home or the kids are in bed, I dive into my brow suite. It's tough, but it's also very rewarding."

Besides her brow bar, Jill-Chiara has also developed her own education for stylists, complete with an online manual that Jill created purely from her own experience and knowledge! Do you want to do a practical training after you complete the theory training? Jill-Chiara helps you 1 on 1 for a half day to put all your knowledge into practice. Check out her website for more:!