• Mar 26, 2024

New: PowerStain Cool Mist & Ginger Snap

Great news from team PowerStain! Thanks to the huge success of liquid dye, we couldn't sit still and have added two new colors to the family. Meet Cool Mist and Ginger Snap. These ash blonde and reddish brown shades mean you can now serve even more clients.

PowerStain by Mrs.Highbrow is a super fast eyebrow dye with a hybrid effect. This liquid dye is different from our Hybrid Dye and especially suitable for beauties who want real power brows. PowerStain colors the hair for up to 6 weeks and the mark on the skin lasts up to 7 to 10 days. So your client can enjoy her power brows for a long time. And the biggest advantage? The name says it all: after only 10 minutes, the paint leaves a powerful imprint on the skin.

In addition to the four beautiful colors PowerStain we already had, the range has been expanded with the colors Cool Mist and Ginger Snap.

PowerStain Cool Mist

PowerStain Cool Mist is the lightest color we have. It is an ash blonde, especially for types with light brows and light skin. The color leaves a light imprint on the skin. Because the color is so subtle, Cool Mist is less suitable for Airbrush Brows.
Blending: Is Cool Mist alone too light? Mix the color with a drop of Coffee Bean, or even Velvet Noir.

PowerStain Ginger Snap

PowerStain Ginger Snap is a beautiful reddish-brown color. Especially for anyone who wants warm brown brows. Yet you won't use the color as often on its own, but mixing with Muddy Mocha or Coffee Bean still keeps this color warm, but not too red.

Mrs.Highbrow Powerstain

The other colors PowerStain, from light to dark.

The shades of PowerStain in a row

In addition to the new shades of PowerStain, Mrs.Highbrow has four more beautiful shades.

Desert Sand: Vibrant Light Brown

Desert Sand is a beautiful light brown shade. Especially for blonde clients and/or women with very light skin, and for anyone who doesn't want their brows too dark. The color picks up a little less intensely on the skin, and for Airbrush Brows, the color can often be too light.

Muddy Mocha: Beautiful Medium Brown

Muddy Mocha is a nice natural shade of brown. Not too warm, but definitely not too cool either.

Coffee Bean: Intense Dark Brown

Coffee Bean is a dark brown shade for men and women with dark to black hair and (lightly) toned skin.

Velvet Noir: Almost Black

Velvet Noir is an almost black color, especially for dark skin. It won't darken eyebrow hairs that are already black, of course, but it does create a clear imprint on the skin.

The Best Colors To Airbrush With

When airbrushing with PowerStain, you need intense color. The darkest colors are therefore the most suitable. Think Muddy Mocha, Coffee Bean and Velvet Noir. If a customer does not want too dark, mix Desert Sand with Muddy Mocha in a 1:1 ratio.

Airbrush Activator or Developer

PowerStain can be mixed with the creamy Developer or with Airbrush Activator. The special Developer is designed if you are going to paint with a brush. Then mix PowerStain and Developer in the following ratio: 2 parts paint, and 1 part Developer.

Are you going for Airbrush Brows? Then mix the paint with the special Airbrush Activator in a 1:1 ratio. Start with 6-10 drops of PowerStain and 6-10 drops of Airbrush Activator.