• Jun 05, 2019

Specialist in the Spotlight: Lisa-Annemarie



In "Specialist in the Spotlight" we put brow gurus in the spotlight who have followed a course at Mrs. Highbrow. From when did they dream of a career in the beauty industry and how tight are the eyebrows that they now create? This week we speak to the Frisian beauty Lisa Annemarie, owner of Body & Beauty Studio L.A.


How would you describe yourself?

“As an enthusiastic, friendly, caring and representative person with a listening ear and great interest in other people. In addition, I am very precise in my work and I pay a lot of attention to my customers. I am someone who works cleanly and puts hygiene first. ”

How did your passion for eyebrow come about?

“During the MBO 4 training as Allround Beautician I discovered how precise I was when I was allowed to dye and pluck the eyebrows of my classmates. From that moment on I knew I wanted to do something with this. But I must also admit that I was always busy with tightening my own eyebrows. ”

Why a course at Mrs.Higbrow?

“After three years of offering different eyebrow treatments in my own salon, I thought it was time to offer something extra to make my clients' brows even tighter and fuller. I followed Mrs. Highbrow on social media for a while and got the impression that it is a good training company. And that has been confirmed; I have a very good experience from the henna brow course. The training was clear and was given by an enthusiastic brow specialist who took all the time for good tips & tricks. ”

What makes this profession so much fun?

“That everyone who enters the salon leaves the salon satisfied and fresh again. I find it a very nice activity to bring the eyebrows back into shape, so that the result is immediately visible after the treatment. But I also enjoy working continuously with people who come to my salon especially for my treatments. That is a party every day. ”



What is your favourite treatment?

“That is of course the henna brow treatment. First I make the eyebrows as tight as possible and then I paint the skin and hair with henna. That gives such a great result that I really enjoy it. "

Which product id indispensable for you?

“I couldn't do without the henna, the pearl wax and the handy eyebrow scissors. I use these products every day and I really like it. "

Which statement from a customer will always stay with you ?

“Several customers sometimes call me the 'eyebrow doctor'. I think that's so funny to hear. And someone recently said after a treatment: "Oh, my friends are back, delicious!" Haha. ”

What is your brow quote?

"As long as your eyebrows are right, of course."

It would be nice to be known as the skin and eyebrow specialist in the Leeuwarden area.

What else would you like to learn?

“That's the microblading treatment for permanent make-up. I have had experience with eyebrows for a long time, so this seems like a great next step. ”

What does your future look like?

“I hope to have a well-running salon for as long as possible. But in the future I want even more satisfied regular customers and brand awareness. It would be nice to be known as the skin and eyebrow specialist in the Leeuwarden area. Then everyone knows that they should come to me for perfect skin and a pair of beautiful brows. ”

More info: www.bodyandbeautystudio.nl