HOW TO • Oct 05, 2021

The Perfect Shape

When it comes to brows, styles, shapes and preferences are just so personal! But still, there are a few golden rules to follow when it comes to creating a beautiful eyebrow in 2021. We'll show you!

When styling eyebrows - be it with wax, tweezers, thread or makeup - you basically start with just five straight lines: the top and bottom, the beginning, and the top and bottom of the tail. Always keep in mind the following Arch Ratio:

Wenkbrauw shape vorm eyebrows

1. The highest point of the eyebrow, the arch, is placed as far to the side as possible. In other words, the first part of the eyebrow should take up about 70%, and the tail 30%.

  Vorm wenkbrauwen shape

2. The top part of the brow base points slightly outwards, or in the very least, the highest point of the base should never point inwards.


Eyebrow shapes wenkbrauwen vormen

3. Make sure the beginning of the brow goes from light to dark when you tint the brows (or apply make-up) to prevent a too heavy, block-like front. 


Eyebrows shape vorm mooiste 

4. Always make straight lines, especially on the underside of the brow, when you are shaping and especially with epilation, waxing and tinting. A useful tool for this is Brow Mapping Thread.  

How does brow mapping work? 

Simply put, brow mapping is the perfect measuring technique for even eyebrows and pre-pigmented wire is used for this. Wondering how to best use mapping thread? You simply put five lines on the eyebrow: at the base, from the top of the base to the arch and from the arch to the tail. And then at the bottom of the base to the arch and from the arch to the tail. You can use these lines for waxing or threading, as well as a tool for painting in the lines!

Creating perfect eyebrows is not only about measuring well, but much more about insight and feeling

At Mrs.Highbrow we believe in brow mapping, to a certain extent. You can put two identical eyebrows on someone's face, but hardly anyone is completely symmetrical! When drawing, you have to take into account that one eye can be higher or deeper, or that the other eye is simply a fraction larger. Two precisely symmetrical eyebrows can actually give a strange look! In such cases, you need to shorten or raise one eyebrow slightly to get the best result. Creating perfect eyebrows doesn't only have to do with good measuring, but much more with insight and feeling. A good brow specialist has a carpenter's eye for these kinds of details. The secret? Practice! You really only develop a good eye for this by practicing, practicing, practicing, and seeing a lot of brows.