SALON • Sep 14, 2021

What's On The Menu?

Mrs.Highbrow salon menu behandelingen

Part of the job as owner of a brow bar or beauty salon is to determine the treatments that you offer on your "menu", but where do you begin with this? We're covering the four steps you need to go through to create your menu from start to finish.

Step 1. Think about the treatments you like

First of all, now is the time to think about what you really enjoy doing. What treatments do you look forward to most? Which treatments make you feel the most energized and which the least? Which services are easy for you and which do need to practice more to get the result you want? Answer these questions for yourself and remember: you don't need to do things you don't enjoy doing or that you have less talent for. It's okay to admit that not everything is your cup of tea!

Step 2. Determine the treatments that are profitable

Once you've decided which treatments suit you best, look at whether these treatments are cost-effective. Initially, everything costs money because you must invest in a course and any associated products, but eventually it should form your income. The better the treatment suits you, the faster you are likely to be or become. As time is money, it works out well.
It's also important to find the right products that allow you to offer the most profitable treatment possible. You have to like the products you work with and find those enabling the shortest treatment times.
Do you feel you might have chosen the treatments that yield the least in relative terms? See if you can combine them and try to promote the combination in your salon and on your social media channels. For example, waxing an upper lip while Brow Henna is being applied is a win-win for both, right?

    Step 3. Think about your target audience

    When determining your menu, keep your target audience in mind. Is there a real demand in your area for the treatments you chose in the previous steps? Can your city or town really use a good lash stylist and are potential clients eager to get their brows done? Are you targeting younger women, men or the elderly? And have you thought twice about all of this? You might want to strategically consider targeting those over 65, after all, we are dealing with an aging population. There is enough evidence that this target group doesn't have financial worries and is willing to spend their money, even on beauty treatments! When it comes down to it, the most important thing is staying true to yourself and your passion, no matter which target group you focus on.

    Step 4. Keep updating your menu constantly

    It doesn't stop there! Once you've determined your treatments, it's important to ask yourself every now and then whether this is still your ultimate menu or if it's time to add a new treatment? Always keep in mind that there are new brow and beauty trends coming up every year and the wishes of your clients can change.
    How do you come up with new treatments? Do some research at other salons: try out a treatment yourself and enter the invoice for this treatment as an expense! After all, it's business research. In addition, keep an eye on Instagram for new trends, go to in-person or digital fairs, and check the courses offered within your industry. You can simultaneously check in on your current clients to see if they are curious about treatments that are not yet on your menu by asking them face to face or through an Instagram poll.