6 New Insights In Brow Lamination


It's official, Brow Lamination is definitely here to stay, and because it's so popular, the techniques are just getting better and more sophisticated. We've gathered our latest insights so you can optimize the Brow Lamination treatments you perform in your salon with faster and more beautiful work.

- By Desi van Dijk

#1 Extra Boost With Treatment Enhancer

Mrs.Highbrow Treatment Enhancer is a blend of natural ingredients, including salt, which will give a boost to your treatments. It's a thorough cleanser that ensures optimal adhesion of the products you use during your services, such as Brow Lamination, as well as before you start Henna Brows or a Lash Lift.

Using some Treatment Enhancer on a cotton pad completely removes grease and dirt from the skin and hair. Although a normal makeup remover often seems to be sufficient, finishing prep with Treatment Enhancer will take away every last bit of residue or grease left behind, even those from your makeup remover or from Skin Prep Lotion, for example. This step is so important before any treatment!

Mrs.Highbrow Treatment Enhancer

If you use Treatment Enhancer before a Brow Lamination treatment, it ensures that the lotions can penetrate the brows optimally, which also optimizes the result. Treatment Enhancer is the last step before a Brow Lamination treatment, after cleansing the brows with Skin Prep Lotion. Remember, using Treatment Enhancer alone does not cleanse enough, though! 

Mrs.Highbrow Treatment Enhancer €9,95.

#2 Glue Is No Longer Essential

A Brow Lamination treatment consists of 3 steps, plus the use of Adhesive to tame any unruly hairs... with the emphasis on "unruly hairs". It turns out that the glue is not always essential anymore! So in many cases you can now leave out the glue, and this will certainly save you a few minutes per treatment. 

There are some conditions for leaving out the glue:

  1. With thin to normal eyebrow hair, you might consider not using glue. But if the hairs are fairly thick and stiff, the adhesive is a must.

  2. The hairs must be reasonably long to avoid using glue in the Brow Lamination process. If the hairs are too short, glue is essential to apply to the hairs.

  3. The brows must also be of normal density to avoid using glue. If the brow is very full, then using adhesive works better.

By performing a Brow Lamination without adhesive, you don't have to glue the hairs to the skin hair by hair, which can definitely save you several minutes! If your client's brows meet the above requirements, then you can choose not to use any more glue and start directly with step 1 in the Brow Lamination process.

#3 Silicone Lamination Tool

A new product that not only lets you work incredibly efficiently but also sustainably is the Silicone Lamination Tool. You can use this tool to accurately apply all your brow lamination products. Bonus? The brush is made of silicone so you don't waste any product because the product doesn't soak into the brush! You're also doing something sustainable, because disposable tools are no longer necessary!

#4 Keratin Complex Nourishes & Protects

Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex is a product we developed specifically to nourish and protect brows & lashes. Curious about all the benefits of Keratin Complex? Then read this blog post!

For now, we mainly focus on how to use Keratin Complex during the Brow Lamination process. By using Keratin Complex, the hair will become stronger and healthier. And that's something we all want, of course. Keratin Complex can be used after step 2 in the treatment and you apply it with a spoolie. Should you also want to dye your lashes in the Brow Lamination process, use Keratin Complex after dyeing, and after that, you can apply Step 3 Nourishing Gel.

Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex

By adding Keratin Complex as an extra step in your Brow Lamination treatment, it also makes sense to charge a higher price. Tip: Add Keratin Complex to your Brow Lamination treatment and charge an additional €5 to €10, or have your client book it separately as an add-on.

Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex €31.95.

#5 Brushed-Up Brows In Between Treatments

Brow Lamination gives up to 6 weeks of perfectly lifted brow, however this doesn't happen without some effort. The client themselves will have to brush the brows up with a spoolie every morning, (tip: give your client a bag with a spoolie and aftercare instructions), as they are not quite in their best shape after sleeping. After a few weeks, the lifted effect diminishes slightly anyway, and then there are several products that re-enforce the effect.

Mrs.Highbrow offers 3 products that clients can use by themselves for a brushed-up effect. Brow Fix, Brow Soap and Eyebrow Gel are three products that give that little extra push. It is important, however, that the client not use these products for the first 24 hours after treatment. But after that, these products can give just that something the brow needs!

Mrs.Highbrow Brow Fix

Mrs.Highbrow Brow Fix is our newest addition: a Brow Soap you can use with or without water, in a luxury box with brush, for 24/7 brushed-up brows.

The consumer price of Brow Fix €25,95 incl. VAT. Would you like to become a retailer, enjoy a purchase discount and resell Brow Fix in your salon? Send an email to sales@mrshighbrow.com and ask about the conditions to become a reseller.

#6 Perfect Brow Lamination Brush

Over time, you always discover tools that can make a process easier and faster. For example, we have discovered the Dental Pick (for sale at drugstores) that tightens the hairs even more after step 1 in the Brow Lamination process. After the first cream reaches the end of its working time, you can more easily remove the product with such a tool. How we do this at Mrs.Highbrow? Check out our tutorial!