How to clean your airbrush device

Regular and thorough cleaning of your airbrush device is essential to ensure the quality of your work and extend the life of the device. How exactly do you do this? Read our step-by-step Airbrush Cleaning Plan.

It is important to rinse your airbrush thoroughly after each treatment.

Cleaning can be done using an Airbrush Cleaning Pot or the bubbler technique.

At the end of your working day, clean your airbrush extra well.

Thoroughly cleaning your airbrush device regularly is crucial.

  • First, this ensures that all dye residue is removed. This prevents clogs and promotes smooth operation of your device without annoying paint flow problems. This contributes to the durability of your airbrush device. Cleaning your airbrush at regular intervals prevents the buildup of paint residue and other debris that can damage the device or even interfere with its operation.

  • In addition, a clean airbrush device directly affects the quality of your work. If old dye residue remains in the gun, it can affect the color and texture of new dye, ultimately preventing you from getting the desired result. It will also cause an irregular spray pattern.

  • Last but not least, a clean airbrush device is essential to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. And you, as a beauty specialist, obviously value good hygiene.

Cleaning your airbrush after each treatment

After each treatment, rinse your airbrush thoroughly. There are two ways to do this.

1. Cleaning Using a Cleaning Pot

Cleaning your Airbrush is very easy with a special Airbrush Cleaning Pot. Especially if you have a full schedule and do a lot of Airbrush Brows in one day, this is a handy tool.

  • Fill the Cleaning Pot with water, half to 2/3, and twist the lid on.

  • Remove residual brow dye from the metal cup with a cotton pad.

  • Push the gun into the hole of the Cleaning Pot, until it is tight.

  • Set the airbrush to position 2.

  • Put distilled water in the cup.

  • Pull the trigger until all the water is out of the cup.

  • Dry the cup with a cotton ball or tissue until it is completely dry.

  • Then spray in a cotton ball or on kitchen paper to make sure that really all the water is out of the gun.

2. Cleaning With The Bubble Technique

Don't have a special Airbrush Cleaning Pot? No problem. You can also clean your Airbrush with the bubble technique. Anyway, it is good to use this technique regularly.

  1. Remove excess dye from the metal cup with a cotton ball.
  2. Add (distilled) water to the cup and spray in a bowl or on a piece of kitchen paper to remove any remaining dye.
  3. Remove the cup and place the large plastic cup on the gun.
  4. Fill with lukewarm (distilled) water.
  5. Set the airbrush to position 2.
  6. Put your finger or a cotton ball on the nozzle.
  7. Press the trigger and slowly pull back. The water will now bubble.
  8. Let the water bubble for 10 seconds until the water runs clear, then discard the water.
  9. Repeat this 2 more times.
  10. Fill the cup with water again and remove your finger or the cotton ball from the nozzle and squirt the water into a bowl or sink.
  11. Spray until no more water comes out of the gun.

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At the end of the day, clean your device thoroughly. Taking it completely apart is not necessary, but do remove the needle cap and nozzle cap, the two rings on the end.

At The End Of The Day: Thorough Cleaning

After each Airbrush Brows treatment, rinse your device thoroughly. You also do this at the end of the day after your last client. Only then is it important that you clean your airbrush extra well. And this is how you do it:

  1. Flush the Airbrush device using a Cleaning Pot or the bubbling technique, as described above.

  2. Remove the metal cup, as well as the needle cap and nozzle cap. These are the two rings that make up the nozzle.

  3. Place the parts in a container with water and possibly special airbrush cleaner or other cleaning agent.

  4. With a rag, clean the hole of the dye cup.

Airbrush schoonmaken brows

  1. Very carefully clean the needle with a cotton swab with alcohol. Also go into the opening of the gun with a cotton swab.

  2. Remove the cup, needle cap and nozzle cap from the bowl. Dry all the parts with a paper tissue.

  3. Now you can put everything back together and your airbrush is ready for the next day.