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The 10 Most Frequently Asked Henna Brow Questions

Mrs Highbrow Dyotics Brow Henna Brows

Applying perfect Henna Brows, it remains a profession! No wonder we get a lot of questions about it. Why does the color sometimes fade so quickly, what are the white balls? The 10 most frequently asked questions of the past weeks. With the right advice, of course.

- By Desi van Dijk

The Best Processing Time For Mrs.Highbrow Brow Henna?

We recommend allowing Mrs. Highbrow Brow Henna to soak in for 15 to 20 minutes. During this time, the product can properly adhere to the skin and brows. This is because it needs some time to develop into a beautiful tan. If you remove the Brow Henna from the skin too early, you may sometimes see a greenish-yellow glow. This is the natural color of the henna.

For very light brows, where the hairs are almost white, an application time of up to 10 minutes is enough. This is because light hairs absorb the Brow Henna like a sponge, quickly giving you a result that is too dark. Even if you use the light color Honey.

The soaking time also depends on the skin and hair structure of the client. The lighter, the faster the color will absorb and the more intense the effect will be.

TIP: Especially in the beginning, be careful with the working-in times. Rather a little too light at first than just too dark.

2. Brow Henna In Pregnant Women?

We do not recommend using Brow Henna on pregnant women. Brow Henna has not been proven to be harmful to the baby, but like regular hair dye, it is not recommended during pregnancy. Because the hormone levels change, the skin may be more sensitive or an allergy may occur. Especially during pregnancy, an allergic reaction is extra annoying.

TIP: Perform another patch test on the client after pregnancy to make sure she does not develop an allergy now.

Always important to properly inform your clients before booking a Henna Brows treatment. This brochure contains everything they need to know. Put them in the waiting room!

3. Is There A Color Chart?

To determine the right Brow Henna color, you need to listen to the client's wishes above all else. But also look at the skin type, hair color and natural brow. This way you can best see which color is most suitable.

TIP: Is someone going for Henna Brows for the first time? Then choose a shade that is not too dark, so he or she can slowly get used to a more present brow.

Dyotics Brow Henna Color Chart

4. What Are Those White Dots?

The white globules in the powder is gum. Gum makes the Brow Henna bind well with water. Once you mix the powder with water and let it stand for 5-10 minutes, they dissolve on their own.

TIP: Are still not all the pellets dissolved? Then you can crush them with a microbrush. By the way, undissolved balls do not affect the result.

5. Henna No Longer Works Well.

After opening, the jar of Brow Henna has a shelf life of 6 months. If you use it after those six months, you will find that the effect is much less intense and the result will also be visible for a shorter time.

The Brow Henna in the jar actually gets darker and darker after opening. This is because the powder oxidizes and thus oxygen is added. This does not otherwise affect the result; the Brow Henna will not turn out darker on the skin.

If you buy all 6 colors of Hybrid Dye, you only pay 5.

6. Can The Skin Be Too Oily?

When the skin is really oily, it is not a good idea to use eyebrow henna because it simply will not work on the skin. The result will be disappointing.

For clients with very oily skin, use Hybrid Dye instead, and then dye only hairs. Do discuss this with your client, and tell them that the effect on the skin will be less.

Mixing the Brow Henna with Treatment Enhancer gives you a better impression than using water.

7. Why Does The Imprint Sometimes Fade So Quickly ?

You can expect the color to last 5 to 10 days on the skin, provided your client takes good care of her brows. However, there may be more reasons why the color fades quickly:

  • The skin was still damp from the Skin Prep Lotion when you applied the henna;

  • The skin was not properly cleaned. Make sure no grease or makeup residue is left behind;

  • You applied the Brow Henna too thinly. This is because the skin under the brows should be completely covered;

  • You did not go well enough under the brows with your brush;

  • You did not press and stamp the Brow Henna into the skin properly;

  • The client has very oily skin;

  • You allowed the Brow Henna to soak in too briefly;

  • The client has such dense brows that it is difficult to cover all the skin under the brows with Brow Henna;

  • The client wet and/or cleaned her brows within 24 hours of treatment ;

  • You applied too light a shade of Brow Henna on dark skin;

  • The client has almost no brows of her own. Brow Henna only picks up on skin where there is some hair.

8. Why Is The Henna In My Old Jar Darker?

The longer a jar of Brow Henna is left open, the darker the powder becomes. This is because it is exposed to light and air, and therefore it oxidizes.

In a new jar, the henna is still fresh and untouched, so the color is lighter. This is a natural process that can occur over time. In principle, it does not affect the result. Nevertheless, the longer a jar is open, the effect does decrease.

TIP: Do not use the Brow Henna after the jar has been open for 6 months. The Brow Henna is then really over the date.

henna brows brow

Your henna gel should not be too liquid, but not too syrupy either. Think about the thickness of ketchup.

9. The Henna Is Too Watery

You mix the Brow Henna as follows:

  • Mix 1 scoop of Brow Henna with 12-15 drops of water. Each box includes a scoop and a pipette for the correct ratio.
  • Are you mixing with Treatment Enhancer? Then the following ratio applies: 1 scoop of powder and 8-10 drops of Treatment Enhancer.

TIP: The porridge should be the thickness of ketchup, so not too liquid and not too thick. Is it too watery? Just add a little extra powder.

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