BUSINESS • May 06, 2024

Your Voice Counts: Results Client Satisfaction Survey


To continually improve our service and products, it's important to know what you want from us. That's why we recently conducted another survey to see what we can do better to give you the best experience. Whether you are shopping in our webshop or taking an online course. Curious about what we have in store for you in the near future? Read on!

Without your input we are nowhere. That's why we conduct a survey at least once a year to find out what you want from us. Whether it's about our products or the service we provide. We recently conducted another client satisfaction survey. And let's just say that your feedback got us thinking - even more than we already did. Your passion for perfection and desire to achieve the best possible results for your clients inspires us day in and day out. Your needs are our priority, so you can be the best you can be. We continue to provide the best products, courses and support to help you reach the top in the world of eyebrow styling.

Beginner Or Brow Guru? We've Got You!

We are thrilled with all the enthusiastic responses and critical feedback to our survey. In fact, out of over 1000 respondents, over 400 professionals let us know that they thought we were 'good'. And as icing on the cake, more than 375 people rated us with an 'excellent'.

Incidentally, over 60% of these are between the ages of 18 and 35. In other words, more and more younger beauty specialists are joining us. You go girls! We're super excited to see that the industry is growing as a result. More than welcome! But whether you are just starting out, or have been in the business for twenty years, we try to be relevant to everyone. With the best guidance and interesting information. Among other things, through courses, blog posts and newsletters. If you become a subscriber to our newsletter, you'll never miss a thing. In addition, we regularly share fun info and discounts in the newsletter. And we make them even better suited to your practice by a more personal approach.

Not yet a subscriber to our newsletter? Sign up quickly (you can do so at the bottom of the website). You'll also receive a 10% discount on your next purchase.

Soon we will launch a brand new Loyalty Program, which will reward you with discounts and gifts.

Even More Discounts For Loyal Customers

Not only first-time customers are rewarded with discounts when subscribing to the newsletter. We want to reward repeat customers even better. Because the survey showed that you want more discounts. This did not surprise us at all!

Loyalty is rewarded with our special program. This is now called the Brow Master Club, but the survey has taught us that this loyalty program is not clear to everyone. We are working hard to change this! Soon we will launch a brand new loyalty program, where you will also be rewarded with discounts and gifts. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, and read more about it soon.

Displays & Aftercare Flyers

We made ourselves vulnerable in the survey and were curious about what else you need in your salon. Very nice and valuable suggestions came out of the survey, such as aftercare cards for specific treatments. Now we already offer Brow Henna leaflets, but it's good to know that you guys want even more aftercare instructions for your clients. Smart! Because the better your client adheres to the aftercare advice, the longer the results will stay beautiful. As a result, your client will be more satisfied and more likely to return. If we can help with that, of course we are happy to do so.

So in the near future you can expect more of this kind of material. Besides posters and more displays. Because the survey also showed that in addition to the makeup display, brow lamination display and lash elevator display, you would like more displays, so you can promote your treatments even better and have all your materials in one place. We are going to work on this! By the way, did you know that our displays are handmade in the Netherlands? This is of course super sustainable.

If you order more products at once, instead of multiple small orders, we can save on packaging and shipping costs.

Sustainability On the Agenda

Speaking of sustainability, it's an integral part of society today and we're ready for it. Behind the scenes, we have been working for some time to make everything as environmentally friendly as possible. Of course, sustainability is now a requirement, not a wish. Less is more, right? We know... The Silicon Lamination Tool is a small and simple example of a sustainable product, because it eliminates the need for disposable applicators.

To meet your expectations, we naturally wanted to know what you, as a salon owner, thought about our products and packaging. That's quite a story. Smaller and more environmentally friendly packaging? We understand the need and are determined to meet it. Your awareness about the environment, footprint and reducing packaging waste is taken seriously by us. For example, our plastics are already biodegradable, the boxes are made of FSC approved cardboard, and we are actively taking steps to provide even more sustainable packaging solutions. Sending less air, for example, more compact shipping boxes. And: if you order more products at once, instead of all small orders, together we can also save on packaging materials and shipping costs.

Stay Tuned For New Courses

About online courses, we also received many responses in our survey. We read that many specialists are open to taking one or more courses from Mrs.Highbrow. Well, your wish is our command! Almost half of the respondents indicated that they have already taken a course.

In addition, about 400 professionals indicated that they have not yet done so, but plan to. Good news for anyone considering it: we are working hard behind the scenes to expand our course offerings. There are also a number of courses being revamped, in order to share the latest insights with you, and help you reach the top in the world of eyebrow styling. Keep an eye on your email box.

Customer Support: Even Faster Answers

We saw that many survey respondents were already very satisfied with our customer support, but we want to challenge ourselves even more to serve you even better and faster. We are here to help you grow and have the best experience in your beauty salon, every step of the way. Therefore, we see customer service as an important job within Mrs.Highbrow. We want to help you as quickly as possible and be as responsive as possible. Behind the scenes we are working on automating common questions. You will soon come across these in our FAQ and chat function. And if your question is not listed, you can still contact us via chat or email. Promised.

The Average Grade You Give Us? A whopping 8.8. On to 9!

The Result Of Our Survey

It is great to see that professionals are generally satisfied with our products both nationally and internationally. We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback from our valued customers! The high ratings and feedback give us energy to keep growing and innovating.

Of course, we were mega curious to see how Mrs.Highbrow would be rated this year. And whether we are happy with the result! The average score, based on the Dutch and international customer satisfaction survey, was a whopping 8.8!

We want to thank you for your unconditional support and will do our utmost to make your experience even better this year. On to 9!

Feedback Is Always Welcome

Didn't complete the survey, but still want to share your opinion? This is always possible! Just send an e-mail to with your suggestions.

In addition, after your purchase in the webshop, you will receive an invitation to review the products you purchased. We would love it if you would do this. This is not only useful for us, but also for fellow browstylists.