Exclusive Online Courses: Learn More, Earn More.

      9 products

      9 products

      Beauty Courses Without Borders.

      At Mrs. Highbrow we have over 10 years of experience with eyebrow styling. And we are happy to share that knowledge with you! Sign up for one of our online courses and learn all the secrets from the brow masters of Amsterdam. 

      Online Classes. The Benefits

      • Starter kit included 
      • With handwritten certificate
      • All secrets from Mrs. Highbrow 
      • 6 months of coaching afterwards 
      • 6 chapters of theory 
      • A test after each chapter 
      • Extensive video 
      • Start whenever it suits you 
      • Unlimited access to the course

      This Is How It Works

      1. Order and pay for the course.
      2. Within 2 working days you will receive a link that gives you access to the online learning platform.
      3. The starter kit will be sent to you immediately. Check your email for a track and trace code. 
      4. Start the course when it suits you.
        And stop as often as you want. You have unlimited access, there is no end date.
      5. Watch the video and take the tests.
        The tests are not an exam, since the courses are not accredited. Every country has different laws regarding the beauty industrie. 
      6. You will also receive the certificate within a few days.
        This will be shipped separately from the starter kit. Note: the name with which you register will be on the certificate. Want another name the certificate? Let us know!
      7. Any questions?
        You can easily chat with us via the online learning environment. Or send an email to
      8. And... get started!

        Want to know more? Read the FAQ.