• Nov 17, 2020

Boost Your Brow Game

Henna Brows, we all love them! However, henna treatments can be quite time consuming. To save time and work efficiently, it is essential to have a well organized work space.

Being a salon owner already keeps you extremely busy. Next to brow treatments, there are other duties, starting from administration to social media management. On top of that you have to make sure your salon looks clean and representable. A nicely organised workstation is not only important for your customers, as it creates a first impression of you as a professional, but it can also ease your mind. Especially during busy days where you have little time in between appointments. It is pretty stressful to clean up, keep your tools organized and prepare for the next treatment. On the top of all of this, a henna brows treatment in itself is time consuming. That’s why we have launched a brand new, innovative Henna Work Station, which will allow you to keep all your henna tools together.

Brow Paste and Hazelnut Henna

We have even more surprises! Next to the Henna Work Station we have launched Brow Paste and a new henna color - Hazelnut. With Brow Paste you can create nice sharp lines that will help you create perfect brows for your customers’ shape of eyes. With Brow Paste you can easily fill the henna in and achieve perfect results - flawless razorsharp henna brows!

Warm Shade

Hazelnut Henna is the perfect addition to our Dyotics Henna Colors range. Colorwise it fits between Taupe and Natural Brown. Most of Dyotics’ shades have an ashy tone and Hazelnut is a great warm addition. You can mix Hazelnut with other Dyotics shades to create a warmer effect.

With our brand new Dyotics Henna Work Station you will be able to keep all your Henna Tools together, nicely ordered. This way you can focus on what you enjoy the most: creating beautiful henna brows without feeling the pressure of rushing and making the next customer wait.

Special Price

Order your Work Station now, together with all the products for a limited introduction price of €168!