• Apr 05, 2022

Choose Your Brushes


As a professional beauty specialist, you work with eyebrow brushes every single day. From spoolies to angled brushes to highlighter brushes to tinting brushes, good tools are half the battle!

- By Desi van Dijk

At Mrs.Highbrow, we understand the importance of really good brushes, which is why we have a large collection of our own specially-designed brushes. Here is an overview of all our brushes and what they can be used for.

Dyōtics Henna Brush

When we think of a henna brow, we immediately think of clean lines. And that is why this double-sided henna brush is ideal for applying Dyōtics Brow Henna. These two brushes allow you to work very precisely. One side is straight and the other has a small bend so you can work delicately above the brow without your hand getting in the way: perfect precision to create a perfect henna brow! The Henna Brush is included in the Henna Starter Kit, but can also be ordered separately for only €11.


Angled Brow Brush

The name says it all, the Mrs. Highbrow Angled Brow Brush is a slanted brush made especially for the eyebrows. The angled side allows you to perfectly apply brow makeup, such as pomade or powder, to the brows. But the Angled Brow Brush is also very handy for tinting the eyebrows.

Do you find the Dyōtics Henna Brush too thin for your personal preference or are you more experienced? If so, this brush is also perfect for applying henna. And of course, you can also easily apply a regular dye with the Mrs. Highbrow Angled Brow Brush. Mrs. Highbrow offers the Angled Brow Brush in three varieties:

A Regular Angled Brow Brush, €12. MrsHighbrow_Brushes_HennaBrow_wenkbrauwen_AngledBrush

The Angled Brow Brush in wood & gold, €9. MrsHighbrow_Brushes_HennaBrow_wenkbrauwen_AngledBrushWoodGold

The Angled Brow Brush paired with a spoolie, €9.90. MrsHighbrow_Brushes_HennaBrow_wenkbrauwen_AngledBrushSpoolie

Spoolie Brush

A Spoolie Brush is a brush that every beauty babe has on his or her work table. With this brush you not only comb the eyebrows and/or eyelashes in the right direction, but you can also dye just the hairs in the brows without coloring the skin along with them.

The spoolie brush is a must; not only does it give the finishing touch after almost every treatment, the spoolie brush is also ideal if you shape your brows with Mrs. Highbrow Brow Soap. The Spoolie Brush comes in two varieties:

A regular Spoolie Brush for only €4.95. MrsHighbrow_Brushes_wenkbrauwen_browhenna_spooliebrush

The Spoolie Brush in wood & gold, €7. MrsHighbrow_Brushes_HennaBrow_wenkbrauwen_SpoolieBrushWoodGold

Highlighter Brush

The name of the Mrs. Highbrow Highlighter Brush says it all: it's ideal to apply highlighter under the brows. With the Highlighting Duo Brow Pencil you can easily apply the highlighter in exactly the right places and with the Highlighter Brush you can blend it into the skin. Many henna professionals also use this brush to apply Brow Henna! Click through to the Highlighter Brush and order it for only €12,39.


Brush It Up & Sell It Up!

The brushes are not only great for personal use in your salon, but also ideal to sell to your customers and boost your sales.

Would you like to become a retailer of Mrs. Highbrow makeup and brushes? Send an email to sales@mrshighbrow.com and you can then place a starting order to receive everything you need to get going, like a Counter Display including makeup for retail! The Counter Display will be a beautiful eye-catcher in your salon!