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Online Course Henna Brows & Hybrid Brows

Elijah Cikot (22) of Brow Architecture is a true brow pro despite her young age. In our online course Henna Brows and Hybrid Brows, she shows her tricks for creating the most beautiful brows. Plus: what's really the difference between the two courses?

Eyebrow specialist Elijah Cikot is a long-time ambassador of Mrs.Highbrow and enjoys using our products during her treatments. Around the age of fifteen, Elijah developed a great passion for eyebrows, and not much later she noticed that brow treatments were in high demand in her hometown of Middelharnis, near Rotterdam. She decided to capitalize on this trend and opened her own salon: Brow Architecture.

Her most booked treatment is Henna Brows and this is truly Elijah's specialty. Because we are such fans of Elijah's work, Elijah takes you through all the steps of the tinting process in the Online Course Henna Brows and Online Course Hybrid Brows.

"To me, eyebrow styling is a form of art."

Elijah is a hard working power woman who has many ambitions. In addition to creating the most beautiful eyebrows, she studies architecture. Now you might think: that's quite a different thing, isn't it? But Elijah actually sees the similarity: "Both involve a lot of measuring, and both architecture and eyebrow styling are real art for me."

So measuring out the brows is extremely important for Elijah to create the most beautiful brows. "Brow Mapping Thread is a must during my treatments. I use it before every treatment and for every client. I measure some clients' brows in a little more detail than others, depending on their own eyebrow shape and the client's wishes."

Brow Mapping Mrs.Highbrow Dyotics henna

Online Course Henna Brows & Hybrid Brows: What Will You Learn?

During Mrs.Highbrow's online course in Henna Bro ws and online course in Hybrid Brows, you will gain a plethora of knowledge and skills that will help you take your brow game to the next level.

  1. Comprehensive Product Knowledge: Learn all about Mrs.Highbrow's high-quality products so you know exactly which ones work best for each specific treatment.

  2. Mixing colors: Discover the secrets of mixing colors so you can create the perfect shade to match your clients' hair color and skin tone every time.

  3. Brow mapping: In the online course, learn the art of accurately determining the shape and placement of eyebrows so you can always deliver symmetrical and well-positioned results.

  4. Instructional videos: Get access to step-by-step instructional videos in the online course, where Elijah guides you through each step of the treatment.

  5. Intermediate tests: Test yourself as you learn with in-between tests that evaluate your knowledge and understanding along the way, so you can see how much you've already learned.

  6. Master Kit: Order an online course, and receive an exclusive master kit with professional tools and products so you can start applying your new skills right away.

  7. Final Test: Finish the online course with a final test and prove that you have absorbed all the information and acquired the skills to become a real brow pro.

  8. Certificate: Upon successful completion of the online course, you will receive a digital certificate from Mrs.Highbrow, demonstrating your expertise and dedication to the craft.

  9. Insider tips: Receive valuable insider tips and tricks from Mrs.Highbrow's brow experts to help you stand out and always deliver the best results.

The Difference Between Online Courses?

The Henna Brows and Hybrid Brows online courses cover many of the same topics. This is because applying brow henna or hybrid dye is actually the same process. Only the product you work with is different. Therefore, the theory of both courses is substantially different. In the online course Henna Brows you get a lot of information about brow henna, the different colors and how to mix it, in the online course Hybrid Brows you learn what Mrs.Highbrow Hybrid Dye can do for you and your clients.

So do you want to have a thorough knowledge of the products? Then it is advisable to order both the online course Henna Brows and online course Hybrid Brows.

Mrs.Highbrow Henna Brow Master Kit

Luxury Master Kit Henna Brows

The luxurious Brow Henna Master Kit from Mrs.Highbrow contains everything you need to create the most beautiful henna brows. This luxury box includes the 6 colors of Brow Henna, Tint Remover, Skin Prep Lotion, Treatment Enhancer, a pipette and mixing tray, manual and brochure.

From one kit you can get as many as 240 treatments.

Luxury Master Kit Hybrid Dye

The luxurious Mrs.Highbrow Master Kit Hybrid Dye contains everything you need to create the most beautiful Hybrid Brows: 6 Colors of Dye, 2 bottles of Developer, Skin Prep Lotion, Treatment Enhancer, Tint Remover, Angled Brush with spoolie, Color Chart and brochure.
From one kit you will get as many as 240 treatments.

Additional Ordering: Mapping Thread & Paste

Do you order an online course Henna Brows or Hybrid Brows? Then a deluxe master kit is included. Would you - like Elijah - like to use Mapping Thread and/or Contour Paste? Don't forget to order these separately!
By the way, the Contour Paste is easiest to apply with the Highlighting Brush.