• Feb 05, 2024

PowerStain: Superfast Liquid Dye with Hybrid Effect

We are thrilled to introduce our latest liquid dye innovation: PowerStain! This unique dye offers a hybrid effect and is remarkably fast. With a soaking time of just 5 to 10 minutes, PowerStain delivers a fantastic imprint on the skin. This means you can complete treatments more quickly and cater to a larger number of clients in a single day. Get ready to maximize your profits!

By Desi van Dijk

PowerStain is a liquid, hybrid dye. In four beautiful colors, from light brown to black.

PowerStain requires just 5-10 minutes of soaking time to create a superb print on the skin. With such a quick process, you'll be finished in no time, enabling you to serve a larger number of clients.

PowerStain not only colors the skin but also the hair. This tattoo-like effect can last for up to 10 days.

PowerStain is a super fast eyebrow dye with a hybrid effect. This liquid dye is different from our Hybrid Dye and especially suitable for beauties who want real power brows. PowerStain colors the hair for up to 6 weeks and the imprint on the skin lasts up to 10 days. Your client can now enjoy long-lasting power brows, thanks to PowerStain! What's more, the name itself speaks volumes: the paint creates a powerful impression on the skin within just 5 to 10 minutes.

PowerStain: Easy & Fast

  • The biggest advantage of Mrs.Highbrow PowerStain is that the dye gives an unprecedented fast effect. In fact, this liquid dye simply requires a 5 to 10 minute soak to create an incredibly impressive stain. It works exceptionally fast, providing an outstanding result in no time.

  • Just one bottle of PowerStain (15ml) is sufficient for an impressive 50 to 60 treatments. Not only does it benefit your clients, but it also proves to be a fantastic asset for boosting your sales.

  • Mrs.Highbrow PowerStain is easy to apply. It is a liquid dye, so correcting is easy and fast.

  • Once PowerStain is applied, for a beautiful ombre effect, it's recommended to remove the dye from the beginnig of the brows after approximately 3 minutes. To further enhance the intensity, you can remove the middle portion slightly earlier than the tail, resulting in an even more dramatic outcome.

Mrs.Highbrow PowerStain

An Unprecedented Fast Effect: This Liquid Dye needs only 5 to 10 minutes to take effect for a firm stain.

The 4 Colors PowerStain

Mrs.Highbrow PowerStain comes in four colors - light brown, medium brown, dark brow and black - for a true power print.

Desert Sand. This light brown color can be compared to Mrs.Highbrows Brow Henna Taupe. For women with blonde to brown hair, and a light to medium skin tone.

Muddy Mocha. This medium brown color is for types with light brown to dark brown hair. Similar to Mrs.Highbrow's Brow Henna Natural Brown.

Coffee Bean. Dark brown color for true power brows. The color is deep brown and definitely not ashy.

Velvet Noir. This is the darkest color in the PowerStain range. The color is (almost) black and perfect for beauties with dark skin and hair color.

Difference PowerStain & Hybrid Dye

Mrs.Highbrow PowerStain is somewhat similar to Mrs.Highbrow Hybrid Dye but still has some distinctive features.

  • PowerStain is a liquid dye and Hybrid Dye is a gel textured dye. Thus, application of the dye will automatically be different and many specialists prefer one of the two structures.

  • PowerStain works even faster than Hybrid Dye. With Hybrid Dye, you maintain a 10- to 15-minute application time, and with PowerStain, you maintain a 5- to 10-minute application time. The less Developer you use, the faster the product works and the deeper the color. We recommend mixing 2 drops of PowerStain with 1 drop of Developer.

  • PowerStain consists of four relatively dark colors. This creates a real power print. Hybrid Dye comes in six colors, from light to dark, and from warm to cool. Clients with very blonde eyebrows may want to go with our Hybrid Dye for best results. PowerStain may be just a little too intense then.

Mrs.Highbrow PowerStain

How to Use PowerStain.

Note: Always remember to perform a patch test 48 hours before treatment.

Step 1.

Clean and grease eyebrows with a cotton ball containing Treatment Enhancer, so that the PowerStain is better absorbed into the skin. Then let the skin dry thoroughly, otherwise the paint will not take well. Does a client wear a lot of makeup? Remove it first with a make-up remover, followed by Skin Prep Lotion.

Step 2.

Shake the bottle well before using. Make PowerStain with Mrs.Highbrow Developer. Use the ratio of 2 parts PowerStain mixed with 1 part Developer.

Step 3.

Once the PowerStain and Developer are well developed, it's time to apply it. Be meticulous and careful when applying because the PowerStain gives super fast results, accuracy is important. Let the dye set for 5 to 10 minutes. For an ombré effect, you can remove the onset after 3 minutes.

Step 4

Once the designated time has elapsed, gently remove the PowerStain using a cotton pad that is either dry or slightly damp. Rub in an outward motion, starting from the inside.

Perfect Hybrid Brows With Contour Paste

Brow Contour Paste is a handy tool for Hybrid Brows. The paste keeps the dye from bleeding out and the lines stay sleek. You can apply Brow Contour Paste by hand or first draw lines with the Mapping Thread.

  1. Apply Brow Contour Paste with a fine brush, such as the Mrs.Highbrow Highlighter / Contour Brush. Because of the straight and firm bristles this brush has, you will create super sleek lines.
  2. Brow Contour Paste has a dry texture, which is why it is important to lightly moisten your brush first. This will allow you to apply the white paste smoothly.
  3. After applying the Brow Contour Paste, you can get started with PowerStain.
  4. After the application time of the liquid dye is over, remove the PowerStain with a damp cotton pad. Remove the Brow Contour Paste at the same time.