BUSINESS • May 28, 2024

The 10 Best Addresses For Salon Furniture And Accessories


Are you starting your own salon? Or are you ready to redecorate? To avoid having to scour the entire Internet for that cute counter or table, we've done preliminary research. Here are the 10 best (online) addresses to score your perfect salon furniture and accessories.

By Lisa Ploeger

1. Classic Barber Chairs

The first address for beautiful salon furniture we recommend is HOBA! This online shop has been in the barber industry for 45 years. But huh, you're on a website for eyebrow specialists, right? That's right, but their vintage barber chairs can also be perfectly used as brow chairs. Take the Belmont Legacy, for example. This stylish red chair has an adjustable backrest, headrest and headrest holder. This makes it ideal for all your treatments.

hoba stoel kappersmeubilair.

Belmont Legacy.

2. Special Salon Furniture.

Safety4yoU sells nice treatment trolleys, stools and lamps. Besides looking stylish, these products are also made of high quality materials. Their trolleys can hold all your necessary equipment and accessories. Many of these workbenches have 2 or 3 tiers and are available in white or black. In addition, they all have wheels so you can easily move them around your salon. For example, check out the Alina workbench with drawer.

Their stools, or tabourets, are designed to encourage an ergonomic sitting position. This is a very important issue among eyebrow specialists because we naturally sit in the same position for a long time. They have stools with or without a backrest, a flat seat or a saddle seat. For example, check out the Tabouret ponyseat with oval back.

Safety4You also sells various magnifying lamps in addition to salon furniture. These offer good light and a magnifying glass in 1. Also, you can buy all their models as a table model as well as on a tripod. Take for example the Loupelamp 90 LED.

loup lamp led kappersmeubilair salonmeubilair salon

Loupelamp 90 LED

3. Beauties Of Counters

Looking for a beautiful counter for your salon? Then you need to go to PEACK be. This store focuses on store fixtures and accessories. For salons, they have the BOBBY counter. This counter is specially designed for salons and is custom made for yours! You have a number of things to choose from:

  • The basic modules: door & drawer, 3 drawers, door or open shelves.
  • The corner: square corner or round corner.
  • Top: standard black or white, wood + décor or composite.
  • Surround: standard black or white, wood décor, wood, composite, tiles, artificial plants or moss or 3D FITWALL.
  • Handles: 5 standard handles or your own design.

Because these counters are custom made, the prices are a bit higher than if you go for a standard counter. Think of prices from €2,500 to €12,500. However, you do get something beautiful in return!


BOBBY Counter

4. Special mirrors

At Salon Advantage you can score all kinds of salon furniture and accessories. You can also find the most beautiful mirrors. For example, you have them in combination with an island, such as the Pola led island. This large mirror with LED lighting is mounted on a white island that you can place in your salon. Are you looking for a mirror that you can hang on the wall, then the Mirror Thomas, for example, is a nice choice. Still not quite convinced looking at the pictures on the website? Then you can also visit their large showroom in Dinxperlo of no less than 1000m2. And do not forget to check out all the other salon furniture and accessories!

Spiegel thomas brow salon

Mirror Thomas

5. Good Green

A little green can't be missing from a modern brow bar. At Plantsome you can choose from countless plants delivered right to your door. For each plant, you can also choose what size you would like. This way you know exactly how much space the plants will take up. You can also choose to have a pot delivered right away. On the website you can immediately see how the plant will look in the pot, which is ideal! A beautiful large plant that looks perfect at the entrance of your salon is the Liu Xuan. Looking for a smaller plant for the waiting room table? Then check out the Bo Kito or countless other options on the website.

Liu Xuan

6. Unique Chairs & Sofas

Hairaction offers a number of modern waiting room chairs - and sofas. Although the website is focused on hairdressers, you can also use this salon furniture well in your brow bar. After all, a waiting room is the same everywhere. One of the most unique chairs on this site is the Salon Ambience Hex Waiting Room Chair. This chair is hexagonal so you can playfully place several of these chairs. It is also available in multiple colors and with or without a backrest. Still want to go for something more traditional, yet modern? Then check out the Elegance Straight Chair. You can also transform this one into a sofa by placing several of these chairs side by side.

salonmeubilair brow bar

Salon Ambience Hex Waiting Chair

7. Beautiful Design

Keep up with the latest furniture trends with Westwing, even if you're looking for salon furniture. Westwing offers everything you would need in your home, and a lot of this furniture also fits perfectly in a brow bar. Amazing right! For example, use the Side Table Amina or Side Table Marshmallow as a table in your waiting area. Or go for fun accessories like the Storage Baskets Mija for storing towels or the Decorative objects Alenda to give a nice touch to your salon. The only sidenote we do have to give you is that Westwing is quite pricey. So check carefully if it all fits within your budget.

brow bar meubilair

Side table Amina

8. Second Hand

It's common knowledge that on Marketplace can sometimes find the most beautiful gems. On this website, people offer second-hand items for a friendly price tag. Thus, you can also find plenty of salon furniture and accessories. It is always important to check carefully whether the seller is reliable. You do this by reading through his or her reviews. If that all looks good, you can send an offer. When the price is agreed upon, you pick up the furniture or it is shipped. Easy as that!

meubilair salon brow bar

9. Comfortable Chairs

For a good quality treatment chair, Pandy 4 Beauty is a good place to go. Their treatment chairs are made with comfort and functionality in mind. This ensures that your clients are always comfortable during a treatment. They offer chairs from 1 to 5 motors. This allows you to adjust the chair specifically for each treatment and client. For longer treatments, you can even choose a treatment chair with seat heating, like the Tella Neo, or adjustable leg modules, like the Eden Treatment Chair.

brow bar stoel panda eden behandelstoel

Tella Neo Treatment Chair

10. Affordable Salon Furniture

You can search all you want for a website with special salon furniture and accessories for a salon, but at home furnishing stores, such as Kwantum, you can also score mega nice stuff. Especially for waiting room chairs or couches, side tables and decoration you can find good stuff here. A big advantage is that this furniture is often slightly less expensive than special living room furniture. Check, for example, the Side Table Latera Natural. This beautiful side table looks great in salons with a bohemian or wooden interior. And if you place some stylish Chair Como Caramel in your waiting area, you can be sure that your customers will be comfortable.

salon brow bar meubilair

Side Table Latera Natural