WAXING • Nov 07, 2019

Wunderwax: real power pearls

wunderwax waxing pearls eyebrows body


Mrs.Highbrow Wunderwax Smooth Pellets is a real power wax. Depilation has never been so easy! Soft for the skin, but hard for hairs. The wax pearls are polymer-based, which make it highly elastic, so you remove the wax without breaking it. So no residues remain on the skin. And the wax will remove every single hair. Another advantage: because of the polymers you can apply the wax at a low temperature. Nevermore is likely that you use too hot wax and that the skin burns. Mrs.Highbrow Wunderwax Smooth Pellets really belongs to the new generation of wax, which makes hair removal even easier. In addition, the wax also looks super-de-luxe, because of the golden or pearl shine. Also useful to know: you can mix the golden and pearl wax, so you do not need an extra inner container for your wax device.

Waxing without strips

Just like regular hot film wax, you apply Mrs.Highbrow Wunderwax with a spatula. So you do not need strips. Use a small for around the eyebrows, a medium or large spatula for the upper lip and the rest of the face. But the wax can also be used very well for the entire body, even for a Brazilian. Because the wax takes thin hairs, but also the stronger ones.

A clean start

Before you get started with the pearl or golden wax, it is important to clean the skin very well. Only when the skin is spotlessly clean, you prevent irritation on the skin afterward. Mrs.Highbrow Get Set Pre Epilation Mousse is a refreshing mousse by Mrs.Highbrow Professional that cleanses and soothes the skin. The perfect preparation for waxing or threading the eyebrows or the entire face or body. The pre-wax mousse can also be used during treatment. € 9,95

Oil Lala Miracle Wax Assistant

Waxing is even better when you first apply a thin layer of special oil to the skin. This protects the skin, leaves no residues of wax on the skin and hair is better removed. Mrs. Highbrow Oil Lala Miracle Wax Assistant, 100% natural, has been specially developed for this purpose. Apply a small amount of oil to a cleansed skin. The excess oil is removed with a cotton pad. You only need a little bit, so super economical in use. You can also use this oil after waxing. In case there is a little bit of wax left by accident. € 15,95

After waxing

Finish the depilation with a good aftercare product. Mrs.Highbrow Cool Down After Epilation Mousseis there to soften the skin after waxing, but also after threading or waxing. With menthol for a tingling effect. Bonus: hair stays away longer. Contains no oil and prevents inflamed hair follicles. Menthol provides pleasant cooling and soothes, leaving the skin supple and silky soft. For face & body. € 9,95

Pure pampering

If a customer does not necessarily need to cool down, then this delicious lotion is sufficient. The Stay Smooth After Epilation Lotion is a pure indulgence for the skin after every hair removal treatment, such as waxing, waxing or threading. Makes the skin silky soft, minimizes redness and irritation and recovers the skin. For pampering the skin around the eyebrows and face afterward. In a handy pump bottle. € 10,79