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3 products

3 products

At Mrs.Highbrow we have been doing nothing but beautifying the eye with beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes for almost ten years. Elevating' the eyebrow hairs and eyelashes is a big part of that.

With Brow Lamination by Mrs.Highbrow you lift the eyebrow hairs so that the eyebrows naturally look fuller. This is done in 3 simple steps. The lifted eyebrow effect - as a permanent for the hairs - stays in shape for up to 6 weeks. Brow Lamination is truly a treatment for an advanced eyebrow specialist. The treatment is extremely popular and therefore a must-have addition to your brow salon!

We only develop products that we really believe in. At Mrs.Highbrow you will not find lash extensions, but the sustainable Lash Lifting treatment. This also gives you long lashes, without the "hassle" of lash extensions. Plus, our Lash Lift nourishes lashes, making your natural lashes even stronger. And this is exactly what your customers are looking for!