WAXING • Oct 20, 2023

Help, Not All Hair Is Coming Out! The Best Wax Tips

Even with the best wax, you don't always get all the hair. What causes this? 6 tips for better and faster waxing. From the right temperature wax to waxing in the right direction.

By Desi van Dijk

1. Hairs Lie Flat On The Skin

Waxing is more difficult when eyebrow hairs lie flat on the skin. The hairs will not adhere to the wax as well and cannot be removed properly. Particularly in women of Asian descent, the hairs tend to lie a little flatter on the skin.

If you apply talcum powder to the hairs before waxing, the hairs will become slightly rougher. This will make them stand up a little more and be better captured by the wax. You can simply buy talcum powder at the drugstore.

2. The Best Temperature Wax

If the temperature of the wax is not hot enough, not all the hairs will come with it. But if you set your heater too high, you can hurt your client. So it's important to work with the perfect temperature wax. But how do you know how high to set your wax pot? It depends on the type of wax heater you use. Some heaters work with modes, while others, like Mrs.Highbrow's Digital Wax Heater, has a display showing the degrees.

For a layer of Film Wax of about 2 inches, we recommend a temperature of around 80°C. If your pot is fuller, you can turn the heater up a little higher. Remember this: the fuller the pot, the higher the temperature should be set.

You then check the temperature this way: scope with your spatula into the wax (as if you were scooping ice cream) and hold the spatula up. Then turn the spatula over to create a trickle. If this droplet stops running, but comes almost to a stop, then the wax is at the right temperature. If the droplet runs too fast, the wax is too hot. You can also test it on your own wrist before treating your client.

Mrs.Highbrow Wax Heater

TIP: There is no need to fill the wax warmer to the brim. That way, you won't waste time by heating the wax unnecessarily long. It is much better to keep refilling your heater. When you are done and there is still wax in the pot, you can turn off the heater and close it with the lid. Next time you just reheat the wax again.

3. Too Thick Stubble

It is also important that the client does not have too thick and short stubble when you want to wax. If this is the case, the hairs are often not taken properly. The hair is then not long enough to get stuck in the wax and will not be pulled in well.

What length can you keep? On average, hairs need to be at least a few millimeters long in order to be waxed properly. Are there any stubbles that are really shorter? Those are best removed with tweezers. The Point Tweezer is the one to use. Its perfectly shaped tip makes it ideal for removing stubble or ingrown hairs.

The Point Tweezer with its perfectly shaped tip is ideal for removing stubble or ingrown hairs.

Mrs.Highbrow Point Tweezer

Mrs.Highbrow Point Tweezer.

4. Waxing In The Right Direction

It probably sounds obvious to many beauty experts, but we still sometimes see waxing done in the wrong direction. Always wax in the direction of hair growth. And pull the wax off against the direction of hair growth.

Film Wax Sparkling Blue dries in 10 seconds and Film Wax Azulene even in a few seconds. After the wax hardens, you can easily pull it off in the opposite direction. To make it as comfortable as possible for the client, pull the client's skin tight between index finger and thumb.

Mrs.Highbrow Wax Sparkling Blue

Movie Wax Sparkling Blue

5. The Skin Is Too Moist

On damp skin - from cleansing products or perspiration - wax will not work well. This is because wax does not adhere to wet hair, so makes sure the skin is completely dry.

Talcum powder works well in this case. This is because the powder absorbs the moisture if you perspire due to heat, humidity or if your client is a tad nervous anyway.

6. Use Oil-Lala Before Waxing

To optimally prepare the skin for waxing, Oil-Lala is your best friend. Apply a small amount of Oil-Lala to the skin you wish to wax and remove excess oil with a cotton pad or tissue. There should really only be a very thin layer on the skin.

The Oil-Lala makes the resin adhere better and this ensures optimal results. After application, the eyebrows (or other facial or body hair) are ready to be waxed!

By the way, Oil Lala is also suitable for removing wax from the skin or hair if you have made a mistake.

Mrs.Highbrow Film Wax: 2 Types

Mrs.Highbrow has two types of Film Wax in its range. And both are super suitable for eyebrows and the whole face. Azulene dries a little faster than Sparkling Blue and is therefore especially for the experienced specialist. Also, Film Wax Azuleen is very suitable for other delicate body parts such as armpits and bikini line. Are you a beginning brow stylist? Then choose Film Wax Sparkling Blue.

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