WAXING • Sep 22, 2022

Film Wax Sparkling Blue: The Ultimate Wax For Brows

Mrs.Highbrow Film Wax Sparkling Blue

Safe to say that we didn't sit still this summer - it's already time to introduce our very latest addition: Sparkling Blue Film Wax. We developed this wax especially for the brows and other parts of the face so you can be even more precise and confident. How do you use Sparkling Blue Film Wax and what are the differences with our Gold and Azuleen waxes? We're bringing you up to date!

- By Desi van Dijk

Sparkling Blue Film Wax does not only give your client that extra sparkle, but you as well! Besides the fact that the wax looks dazzling, it works with incredible precision tackling both the coarser hairs and the smallest downy hairs around the brows, making it the perfect eyebrow wax. It also works well for the rest of the face, like the upper lip or temples.

Made especially for novice brow specialists, this wax is based on polymers, so it's slightly thicker and takes 5-6 seconds to dry, making it very easy to work with. If you 're a perfectionist or prefer to take a little longer to apply the wax properly, this wax is the answer to your prayers. If you're an experienced pro and want to work more efficiently with a short drying time of only 2-3 seconds, our Azuleen Film Wax is for you.

Mrs.Highbrow Sparkling Blue Wax

Best Wax For Eyebrows

Mrs.Highbrow Sparkling Blue Film Wax is available in our webshop for just €13.95.

Wax, Wax & Wax

At this moment we now have three types of wax in our  range: Gold Film Wax, Azuleen Film Wax and now also Sparkling Blue Film Wax, each one expertly developed to serve a specific purpose.

Mrs.Highbrow Film Wax Gold

Mrs.Highbrow Film Wax Gold

Our Gold Film Wax is and remains a bestseller, and we have had this wax in our range the longest. Never change a winning formula, so we'll keep it! Gold Film Wax is super soft on the skin, but hard on the hair, as it's a hot film wax that solidifies after 5-6 seconds so you can remove the wax from the skin without a strip.

It's made on the basis of polymers, making the wax very elastic so it's easy to apply over the entire skin. Once you remove the wax from the skin, the wax does not break (just don't apply too thin a layer!) and no residue is left behind.

Gold Film Wax is suitable for the entire body, whether it's brows, upper lip, armpits or legs. Team Tip: use the small spatulas for the precise parts like the brows and the medium or large spatulas for the rest of the face or body.

Mrs.Highbrow Azuleen Film Wax

Mrs.Highbrow Film Wax Azuleen

Although the golden wax beads work fine for almost every specialist, we discovered that there was also a demand for a wax that works even faster for experienced specialists to work more efficiently. With these reasons in mind we developed Mrs.Highbrow Azuleen Film Wax.

This wax is also suitable for the whole body, but what makes this wax unique is that it dries after 2-3 seconds, after which you can already remove it, allowing you as a specialist to carry out your treatments even faster and work in a tight schedule.

For Azuleen Film Wax more experience is needed, because as this wax dries so quickly, a mistake is not easily corrected. It's also more fluid than Gold Film Wax and Sparkling Blue, so caution is advised. Make sure you feel confident enough to start working with this! 

Mrs.Highbrow Film Wax Sparkling Blue

Mrs.Highbrow Sparkling Blue Wax

Last but not least: our newest wax Sparkling Blue Wax. In addition to having developed two hugely popular types of wax in recent years, Sparkling Blue Film Wax is a useful addition to the list, as never before has a wax been so specifically targeted to the brows! Order Mrs.Highbrow Film Wax Sparkling Blue now via the button below, so that you can experience it for yourself.