For twelve years at Mrs.Highbrow's brow bar, we have done nothing but beautify the eyes with beautiful brows and eyecatching lashes. 'Lifting' the brow hairs and lashes was an important and popular part of that.

Stunning Brushed Up Brows

The fuller the better. That's the credo today when it comes to eyebrows, with the brushed-up look being the absolute trend. This involves brushing the hairs straight up and securing them with a brow gel or brow soap.

These products can be replaced by the salon treatment Brow Lamination, which allows you to create this brushed-up effect for up to 6 weeks. And your client can stay in bed longer every morning because her makeup routine is suddenly shorter. In other words, Brow Lamination is for top model brows for weeks, created by you! Isn't that what you want to be responsible for as a brow stylist?

The Benefits Of Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination by Mrs.Highbrow elevators the brow hairs, making the brows look natural and fuller. This is done in 3 simple steps with only 4 to 8 minutes per lotion. The lifted eyebrow effect - like a permanent for the hair - remains in shape for 4-6 weeks. The most popular treatment of the moment and therefore the perfect treatment to add to the menu of your salon.

Can you combine Brow Lamination & Henna Brows?

We get this question a lot at Mrs.Highbrow, and the answer is no. Because with just one of these treatments, brows look so much better. Henna Brows and Brow Lamination are two extremely popular treatments. Yet these treatments are not suitable for simultaneous use. This is because both treatments are a chemical process, with the risk of over-treating the eyebrows. This can have a negative effect on the hair, but the skin can also become irritated.

The Most Beautiful Result

Too bad it's better not to combine Henna Brows and Brow Lamination? Not really! Because in our opinion, it is much more beautiful to choose a henna brow or a lifted brow. With brow lamination, you want to focus on the hairs. If you also color the skin - the goal of Henna Brows - then you see less of the hairs and the effect of Brow Lamination is lost. In short, opt for one of these treatments.

Regular Eyebrow Dye

Does a client insist on tinted eyebrows? No problem! But then choose regular eyebrow dye. This only colors the hairs, and not the skin, making the brow lamination even more beautiful. You apply this after the second step in the lifting process. Because of the Lifting and Fixing Cream, the dye works very quickly. An application time of only 5 minutes should then be sufficient.

Brow Lamination In Luxury Pens

The same trusted product with the same top formula, now in new, more luxurious packaging with convenient and economical rotation system. This makes the product easy to dose and very economical to use. Each Brow Lamination pen is prominently numbered with the correct step. So you grab the right product in no time and work super fast and efficient.