Wunderwax Pearls

Wunderwax Pearls

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Wunderwax Pearls turn - once melted - into a creamy pearl wax. But don't be fooled by its soft appearance. This revolutionary wax based on polymers is a real killer and removes virtually any hair.

Mrs.Highbrow Wunderwax hot film wax is a real powerwax: soft for the skin, hard for the hair. Waxing has never been so easy! The wax pearls are very elastic because they are based on polymers. This allows you to remove the wax without it breaking and leaving residues on the skin. Another advantage of the polymers is that you can apply the wax at a low temperature. So no chance that you use too hot wax.

Bye, bye wax strips

Apply the wax in thin layers. Use a narrow spatula for around the eyebrows and a medium or large spatula for the upper lip and the rest of the face. Or use Mrs.Highbrow Wunderwax for the whole body.
In contrast to the classic hard wax, Wunderwax does not require strips. Always pull the wax off in a quick movement, low over the skin. Tighten the skin well. Tip: After waxing or waxing - but also after threading - use a soothing and caring product, such as Mrs.Highbrow Cool Down After Epilation Gel.

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