MAKE-UP • Dec 06, 2022

Lust For The Eye: New Make-Up Display

Mrs. Highbrow Make-Up

Our team at Mrs.Highbrow has developed a new luxurious countertop makeup display that not only keeps all your brow makeup together in one place nice and organized, but it's also a boost for your sales!

- By Desi van Dijk

With our gorgeous, updated branding also comes an updated makeup display! You'll see it's completely in line with the new luxurious styling you've all been loving

Another update? The new countertop makeup display has more space than ever to fit all your makeup neatly, including space for the new Micro Liner in shade Warm Brown, and room for three shades of Highlighting Brow Pencil instead of two!

We recommend placing the makeup display on your counter or near your treatment chair(s), this way, clients can easily see your stunning makeup collection, and you can give brows a beautiful finishing touch in no time after treatment!

"With the new counter makeup display, you not only have everything conveniently together, but you can also boost your sales!"

How to Sell More Makeup

We know having your own business is hard work. How nice would it be to increase your daily sales with the additional revenue from beautiful beauty products! It's a win-win: your client - after treatment - can now perfect her brows every day at home with only the best eyebrow makeup.

But what is the best way to sell makeup?

Makeup doesn't just sell itself - as much as we wish it were this easy, putting up a display is not enough - you'll also have to actively market the makeup to women!

  • During treatment, ask which products your client uses at home on her brows and share which makeup you recommend for her.

  • Finish your client's look after treatment with the product you told her about, this way the client can see for herself why she needs the beautiful makeup you sell.

  • While you apply her brow makeup, explain step-by-step what you're doing and why.

  • If you need to, give the client a mirror a hand mirror so she can watch what you're doing, or make sure she sits in front of a mirror.

Chances are your client will be so in love with her brows afterwards, she'll want the makeup for herself so her brows look this good everyday! 

New Luxury Makeup

By now you've probably noticed that all of our makeup products have been updated to match the beautiful, luxurious style you expect from us! Each product now fits perfectly in the new countertop makeup display. Click through to this page where you can find all our makeup products & we'll highlight our bestselling makeup for you to reference below:

Mrs.Highbrow Make-Up Brow Fix

One of our all-time favs, Brow Fix allows you to create a brushed-up & fluffy or super sleek brow. It's a brand new version of our Brow Soap in a deluxe compact with mirror and includes a brush for application. The best part? Brow Fix can be used both wet and dry.
Suggested consumer price: €25.95

Mrs.Highbrow Make-Up Pencils

In our makeup range we have 3 types of pencils to complete any look. From left to right:

The Highlighting Duo Brow Pencil is a double-sided pencil to apply under the brows, making them look even more beautiful and sleek, including one matte and one shiny side. You'll find shades in cool (No. 1 Rose), warmer (No. 2 Vanilla) and a new(!) darker shade (Caramel).
Suggested consumer price: €19.95.

Next up: the multifunctional Micro Brow Liner. With an ultra thin tip you can fill in the eyebrows very naturally, or fill them in more for a more pronounced look, depending what you or your client prefers. This workhorse comes in three beautiful shades (Taupe, Warm Brown and Ash Brown) that suit everyone.
Suggested consumer price: €19.

The Pro Powder Brow Pencil is a unique, high quality pencil for perfect brows with an ombre effect, with a brow pencil tip that's firm but powdery. We have this pencil in the colors Blonde, Soft Brown and Dark Brown.
consumer price: €20

Mrs.Highbrow Make-Up Eyebrow Styling Gel

Eyebrow Styling Gel keeps brows in shape all day. With a fine, small brush. And because the eyebrow gel is transparent, anyone can use it. Suggested consumer price: €18.

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