LASH LIFT • May 30, 2022

New! The Power of Keratin Complex


New! Introducing the Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex, a revolutionary product that you can add to a brow or lash lamination treatment for stronger lashes and brows. What is it, how does it work and when to use it? We're covering it all for you.

- By Desi van Dijk

What is Keratin?

Keratin is the body's own building material: a protein, and it's the most important protein that serves as a building material for our skin, hair and nails. Our hair consists of a hair root and the hair shaft, and the hair shaft is the visible part of the hair and it consists of almost 90% keratin. That's almost the entire hair! This applies not only to your head hair, but also to the hairs of your eyelashes and eyebrows. Your body itself produces keratin, but as a result of chemical treatments, external influences or makeup, the percentage of keratin can become lower. If this ratio is out of balance, the hairs will become weakened or break off, which is why it's so important that we help the body to replenish the lost keratin. This is why we just knew we had to bring this product to you next: Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex.

Replenish that keratin!

As we explained, lost keratin can be artificially replenished, making the hair stronger and healthier. Not only this, it creates an optimal base for lash or brow treatments. Eyebrow tint, for example, will adhere better, making the color brighter, and your client can also enjoy a lash elevation or brow lamination treatment longer. But what exactly does the keratin do for the hair? Keratin Complex will penetrate the hair shaft and fill in the cracks, and in addition to repairing the hair, the complex also gives an extra layer of protection to the hair, making it less susceptible to external influences! There are more than enough reasons to add Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex to your treatments.

Tip: add Keratin Complex to be a standard part of Brow Lamination & Lash Lift treatments and charge €5 to €10 more or let your clients book it separately as an add-on! 


Keratin Complex for Lashes & Brows

The Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex can be used for both lashes and brows, making it a super efficient and beneficial product for you as an entrepreneur. You can add the Keratin Complex standard in your Brow & Lash treatments, such as Brow Lamination and Lash Lift, and increase the price of the treatment slightly like €5 to €10 more. Prefer to offer the Keratin Complex separately as a side treatment or an add-on? List it as an option for clients to choose whether they want this additional treatment, just as you can offer to dye the lashes or brows during a Lash or Brow Lift and charge at least €5 extra.

Keratin Complex & Brow Lamination

Keratin Complex can be used after step 2 during a Brow Lamination treatment and applied with a spoolie. If you also dye the lashes during the Brow Lamination treatment, use the Keratin Complex after dyeing and end by applying Step 3 Nourishing Gel.

Keratin Complex Mrs.Highbrow

Keratin Complex & Lash Elevation

After Step 2 in the Lash Lift treatment you can use Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex or use the Keratin Complex after dyeing during the lash lift. Apply directly with a spoolie and let it soak in, then you can apply Step 3 Conditioning Oil !

Offer the Keratin Complex

In addition to using Keratin Complex in your treatments, you can also sell it to your clients to take home, as it's an ideal conditioning product that gives the brows and lashes the care they need to stay healthy and strong. After using the Keratin Complex during the treatment, you can sell the product afterwards as a side product for €39, allowing your client to care for her lashes and/or eyebrows between treatments.

Mrs.Highbrow Keratin Complex is now on sale for €32 ex VAT and it's good for about 30 treatments, which means you can achieve up to €300 more in turnover with one pack!
Do you want to resell the product to your clients? If you order 10 tubes, you'll receive a 40% discount and pay only €19.20 per tube! The recommended retail price is € 38.95 including VAT.