Brow Henna Or Hybrid Dye: What Is The Right Ratio?

Do you sometimes experience difficulty finding the right consistency when getting started with Brow Henna, Hybrid Dye or PowerStain? We understand the struggle and have found the ideal mix for you. Read all about the right ratio so you can get started with confidence and beautiful results.

Do you ever get confused about the right ratio of Hybrid Dye with Developer and Brow Henna with water or Treatment Enhancer? It may seem like a puzzle because although there are guidelines, sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect mix. The directions for use can help you, but let's face it, those directions sometimes change. And let's not forget that personal preference also plays a role. What may be the right ratio for us may not feel right for someone else. That's why we like to dive into the fascinating world of finding the right ratio of Hybrid Dye, Brow Henna and PowerStain.

When finding the right ratio, experimentation is a must. It's like mixing colors on a palette, trying different combinations until you create that one perfect shade. And just like with cooking: sometimes it's okay to deviate a bit from the recipe, as long as the result is good. So consider our advice as a guide and not an absolute must.

Tip: Start with the recommended ratio and adjust it to your personal preference.

1. The Right Ratio Hybrid Dye & Developer

Mrs.Highbrow Hybrid Dye mixes with the special creamy Developer. Although a 1:1 ratio is fine, we have found as we go along that it is better to mix 2 parts dye with 1 part Developer, for the best imprint on the skin. Think of one part as the size of a pea. Then mix well until you have a smooth porridge.

Desired thickness: mayonnaise
Proper ratio: 2 parts Hybrid Dye, 1 part Developer.

2. The Right Ratio Brow Henna & Treatment Enhancer

Four years ago, we launched our Brow Henna. In those early days, we recommended mixing 1 scoop of powder with 12-15 drops of water, based on our test results with the included pipettes. But soon we heard from our valued customers that they were having trouble finding the right consistency. Apparently, not all pipettes gave the same drop thickness and the pressure applied while squeezing also played a role.

Of course, we want you to get the best results, so we have adjusted our advice. The new advice for the right ratio is simple: start with 1 good scoop (i.e., not a measured scoop) of henna powder and 10 drops of water, and let the mixture stand for a while to develop. Is the mixture still too thick? Then add another 2 drops.

Do you mix the Brow Henna with the special Treatment Enhancer? - which we definitely recommend, for an even better impression on the skin: then assume 8 drops. This is because larger drops come out of the Treatment Enhancer bottle than from the pipette.

Desired thickness: ketchup
Proper ratio: 1 generous scoop of Brow Henna with 10 drops of water (with pipette) or 8 drops of Treatment Enhancer.

3. The Right Ratio of PowerStain & Developer

Want to apply our liquid dye PowerStain with a brush? Then mix the paint with the special Developer you use to mix the Hybrid Dye (in the tube). And again, a 2:1 ratio applies, so 2 parts paint, 1 part Developer.

Desired thickness: mayonnaise
Proper ratio: 2 drops of PowerStain with 1 drop of Developer.

4. The Right Ratio of PowerStain & Airbrush Activator

Are you going for Airbrush Brows with Mrs.Highbrow PowerStain? Then you need a very liquid mixture. We had Airbrush Activator developed especially for Airbrush Brows. Admittedly, it is still quite a bit of searching for the right ratio. There is no such thing as the right ratio, because every specialist has his or her own preference.

To get your mixture flowing well, we recommend a ratio somewhere between 1:1 and 2:1. Now, to make it easier, we simply say 1 part paint and 1 part Activator.

Specifically, what does this mean? Start with 6 to 10 drops of PowerStain and add 6 to 10 drops of Airbrush Activator. Since you often need more anyway, you can also start directly with 10 drops of PowerStain and 10 drops of Airbrush Activator. Does the mixture turn out to be too thick as you go along? Add some more Airbrush Activator.

Desired thickness: milk

Proper ratio: 1:1. Start with 6-10 drops of PowerStain and 6-10 drops of Airbrush Activator.

Airbrush activator mrs.highbrow

This liquid oxidant is suitable for mixing PowerStain with when airbrushing. Recommendation: 6 drops Powerstain, 6 drops Activator.

mrs.highbrow hybrid dye developer

The creamy variety mix with PowerStain or with Mrs.Highbrow Hybrid Dye in a proper ratio of 2 parts paint, 1 part Developer.