BROW HENNA • May 10, 2021

Care Tips For Long Lasting Beautiful Henna Brows

Dyotics henna Brows Aftercare advise

The big advantage of Dyotics Henna Brows is that it dyes the hair but also the skin. And it is precisely this imprint on the skin that your customers want to enjoy as long as possible. But it takes two to tango! What? We give the best tips before and after the treatment.

1. You: Prepare Properly

It is important that the skin absorbs the henna well, which is why the skin must be squeaky clean before you start, free of make-up, grease and dander. First, remove any makeup from the eyebrows with a makeup remover. Only then do you spray some Dyotics Skin Prep Lotion on a cotton ball and clean the eyebrows again. Skin Prep Lotion is an oil-free cleanser that gently removes the last remnants of remover and other dirt and grease. Then go over the eyebrows with a dry tissue to make them completely dry.

Dyotics Skin Prep Lotion

There are brow specialists who first exfoliate the skin before a henna treatment. We do not recommend that. This will easily cost you 5 minutes extra time, which means that your treatment lasts longer and you earn less from it. In addition, if you do not remove the scrub properly afterwards and there are grains of scrub between the hairs, it will be more difficult to apply the henna properly. Especially with customers with rather full brows you need a lot of water to remove the scrub again.

What you can do: ask your client to scrub the eyebrows themselves, the evening or morning before the treatment. Almost every woman has a mild facial scrub at home. You can mention this in the reminder email or text message they receive from you.

2. The Customer: The Right After Care 

The intention is that the brow henna adheres well to the skin after the treatment. It is important that eyebrows remain dry for at least 24 hours after the treatment. Your customer cannot take a shower with her head that same evening, or clean the entire face. Hot yoga is also not recommended or many sports that make you sweat a lot. But even after those 24 hours, you have to be careful. For example, it is important to use as few cleaning products as possible in the eyebrow area, such as make-up remover or face wash. That's why henna brows and eyebrow makeup don't go well together. Because your makeup has to wash off again at night. Furthermore, advise the customer not to exfoliate the skin of the eyebrows while the color is still on the skin and not to use facial creams in the eyebrows. Especially anti-aging creams are out of the question, for example with retinol and AHA. These substances stimulate the production of new skin cells. As a result, the old skin cells, with the henna, are rejected earlier. And finally: avoid chlorine baths as long as the color is on the skin, because swimming pool water makes the henna fade earlier.

Nazorginstructies Dyotics Brow Henna Brows


Brochure With After Care Instructions

To help your customer with the correct aftercare, there are special leaflets to give them after the treatment, containing the care instructions. But you also read about the advantages. So you can also use the booklets to put in the waiting room to inform customers who have never had henna brows before. Price: € 5.25 for 25 pcs.