Mrs.Highbrow Micro Liner Taupe ash brown
Mrs.Highbrow Micro Liner Ash Brown
Mrs.Highbrow micro liner taupe ash brown

Mrs.Highbrow Micro Brow Liner

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Multifunctional Micro Brow Liner. With the ultra thin tip you fill the eyebrows very naturally. Or fill them in more, for a more pronounced look. In two beautiful ash shades, suitable for all people.

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N. van Balkum

Mrs.Highbrow Micro Brow Liner

Great product. The best product ever. Thank you Mrs. Highbrow.

The best product ever. Thank you Mrs. Highbrow.

Brow Liner - Excellent product

High quality product

Very much appreciated by my customers.

The only complaint which is regularly made by my clients, brow liner runs out very quickly.

As a result, some customers switch to the powder pencil, but are less satisfied with the product itself.

Jessica van der Planken

You can make thin lines with this one. Absolutely my favorite brow pencil!

jill chiara snoei

Met de ultra dunne punt kan je heel natuurlijk tekenen, de kleuren zijn perfect én het blijft goed op de huid zitten.

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The Micro Brow Liner allows you to apply fine lines to create the most natural look. The formula delivers the perfect combination of wax and colour for a great colour pay off! So you can fill in sparse areas in your eyebrows easily and naturally. Because the pencil is retractable, you don't have to sharpen it and you always have an ultra-thin tip.

Available in two universal colours. Choose Taupe or Ash Brown, to use both to create depth.

Choose colour

Taupe: A cool blonde. Suitable for light skins and blonde eyebrows. And for anyone who doesn't go for too dark.
Ash Brown: dark brown hue. For light to dark skin, and anyone who loves dark eyebrows. But if you only draw a few "hairs", then the color can also be very good with some lighter types.